A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies

Three simple ingredients make up this puppy-safe birthday cake and humans can enjoy it, too! It's made entirely of fresh fruit so it only takes about 5 minutes to assemble.

A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies

This past weekend we celebrated our Churro pug by throwing him a proper birthday party. We rescued him many years ago on Memorial Day, and by our count he's around 15 years old. He spent the day being doted upon and eating his favorite foods, which all happen to be fruit!

A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies

He absolutely adores watermelon, bananas and blueberries, so that's what his birthday 'cake' was made of. It barely warrants a recipe, but there are a few things to remember when serving watermelon to puppies  - so I'm including my instructions at the end of this post.

A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies

How cute are these paper plates? They match the hanging party pinwheels we arranged with his special Fur Ever Young birthday banner. You can find most of what I purchased here at my favorite party supply store on Etsy - Cranky Cakes Shop!

A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies
Churro was so excited about his cake! He sensibly went for the blueberry on top first.

A Fresh Fruit Cake for Puppies

As an old man Churro has his grumpy moments, but that's usually when he's hungry or because he doesn't want me to take him out of his wheelchair (he likes to zoom around!). But he's also a total teddy bear, and when he looks at me with those big watery eyes he tells me we're best friends and I know it to be true.

Happy Birthday (GOTCHA!) ChurryBurry-Boo!

If you're unsure about feeding your dog fresh fruit, read the following articles for guidelines.

Fresh Fruit Cake for Dogs
Yields about 6 servings

1 small seedless watermelon
6 banana slices, about 1/2-inch thick
6 large blueberries
6 birthday candles, optional

Cut a slice from the center of the watermelon so that you have one large 3-inch thick wheel of watermelon. Reserve the remaining watermelon for other use or snacking. Cut the watermelon wheel into six wedges and reassemble them into a wheel on a cake stand or serving board. Top each slice with a banana slice and top each banana slice with a blueberry. Skewer each fruit stack with a birthday candle, if using.

Heather’s notes: Most dogs can tolerate the fresh fruit in this recipe, and watermelon is deemed to be safe according to the AKC website. However, seeds must be removed and dogs must not be allowed to eat the rinds. Be sure to research for safety guidlines before giving fruit to pets. 

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  1. That's really adorable. Happy Birthday Churro!

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