These flourless cookies are a quick fix and packed with big peanut butter flavor. They're soft-baked for your ultimate snacking pleasure!

Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

Hello! I hope everyone reading this is doing well and feeling fine. I'm still baking on the practical side, trying to conserve and stretch ingredients, although yesterday's post might make you think differently. However, the Easter Bunny Cake was created weeks ago when my kitchen life was different. Now it feels like an extravagance to have enough butter to whip up a big batch of buttercream frosting!

Until life gets back to normal (and it will!), I'm leaning into easy recipes that rely on fewer ingredients, and that give us happiness and comfort. These cookies fit that description.
Hippity-hoppity, Easter's on its way! Celebrate with this charming bunny-shaped carrot cake, complete with edible Easter grass and candy eggs.

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter is arriving earlier than usual this year (April 12th - last year it was on the 21st!), so now's the time to commence the making of bunny and egg-themed treats. I was so happy when Wilton invited me to make a spring-themed cake with their products, I couldn't reply YES fast enough! Soon a box of tools and colorful ingredients arrived at my doorstep, and they inspired this funny bunny cake.
This deliciously easy Depression era recipe makes a single vanilla cake layer and requires no eggs or dairy. It's made with simple pantry staples and tastes terrific!

As promised, I'm delivering the vanilla version of the Chocolate Crazy Cake I posted last week. I'm just so pleased that many of you made the chocolate version and found it to be delicious and helpful during this time of scarce ingredients.

This vanilla version is just as simple as its predecessor. It's a one-bowl wonder that whips up with no electric mixer and the baked cake keeps well at room temperature.
This vintage cake recipe requires no eggs, milk, or butter, and instead relies on pantry ingredients for its success. Make it when you're fresh out of fresh ingredients!

Wacky Cake

Hello friends! I hope everyone is navigating this strange season of life with hope and optimism. Since baking is my happy place, I've been making small batches of essentials I know we'll eat up with no waste (these are next for breakfast!). I've also been cleaning my kitchen and taking pantry inventory. My husband and I have made the decision to self isolate and make the best of what we've got on hand for as long as possible.

That's why this recipe is so timely! It requires nothing from the refrigerator and whips up by hand - you won't even need an electric mixer.
Alternating flavors of wild strawberry and lemon verbena are stacked, filled, and frosted with tangy lemon Swiss meringue buttercream in this spring-inspired cake.

Wild Strawberry and Lemon Verbena Layer Cake

I think we're all in need of some happy colors and springtime flavors just about now. This cake is absolutely bursting with beautiful, bright flavors thanks to some special, new-to-me ingredients. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to try products by Amoretti, makers of artisan flavorings. I absolutely loved the results, so I had to share them here!
Sweet ricotta cheese filling separates three moist yellow cake layers in this Italian pastry-inspired cake. It's frosted with a duo of mascarpone buttercream and rich chocolate ganache, and crowned with six irresistible mini cannoli.

Cannoli Cake
One of my favorite jobs as a recipe developer is planning a new layer cake. Although I love pies, cookies, and pastries, for me, cake has always provided a very rich well of inspiration from which to draw. I can piece together my favorite components and flavors, stack them high and make them pretty with swirls of frosting. Sometimes those flavors come with the added ingredient of nostalgia, and that is the case here; mascarpone buttercream I once tasted on wedding cake and orange-ricotta filling from a cannoli enjoyed while on vacation.

The finished cake is rich yet deceptively light, and its ricotta filling speckled with mini chips makes the inspiration unmistakable. One thing is for certain, there can be no improvement upon classic Italian cannoli, but we can celebrate the pastry in a larger and more slice-able way with this delicious cake.
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