These little muffin pan pies have sweet French pastry dough crusts filled with tangy lemon curd. Each pie is topped with a generous swirl of fluffy marshmallow and then toasted until golden brown.

Mini Lemon Marshmallow Pies

I'm not sure there's anything better than the scent of lemon in January. It is the single sparkling clean note I crave when freezing temperatures keep us indoors. It sweeps away staleness and reminds us that the grey landscape won't last forever. Thank heavens for winter citrus!
Almond Joy candy bar flavors are transformed into a decadent triple layer chocolate cake! Rich coconut-almond filling and a drip topping of dark chocolate ganache make this cake truly crave-worthy.

Say hello to my first cake of 2019! It's taken a couple of weeks to get back in the swing of having a regular baking routine. First there was Christmas to dismantle and glitter to sweep from every corner of the house. I also broke a toe while hosting a dinner party on New Year's Eve (which involved a bottle of olive oil) and it was the strangest beginning to a year that I can ever recall!

I'm happy to say that things are back to normal, and I've been whipping up cakes like crazy. This Almond Joy-inspired confection is perfect for the coconut lover in your life. It would make a great birthday cake or even a special chocolaty Valentine for your sweetheart.
Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles prove to be a healthful option for those keeping January resolutions. They're rich and creamy, and a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

It's always wonderful to indulge in a rich, chocolaty dessert no matter the nutritional value. I've never been a health food blogger and I personally think that moderation is key, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a healthful dessert that tastes amazing.  Dessert - healthy or not so healthy - should always taste good! These buttery avocado truffles are a great example of a dessert that is better for you, and also tastes delicious.
This Danish-style sweet bread makes a lovely breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. The dough braiding technique may look complicated, but it’s really quite simple and easy to achieve!

Winter always brings out the bread baker in me. There's nothing I'd rather do on a frigid day than work in an oven-warmed kitchen with sweet fragrances wafting about. This cream cheese pastry is one of my favorite recipes to make when I feel the need for something cozy. It yields two loaves, one to keep and one to give to a deserving friend or neighbor.
This simple recipe for Champagne Cheesecake is perfect for ringing in the New Year. Serve it in footed dessert glasses or stemware for an elegant touch.
Champagne Cheesecake in a Glass

It's hard to believe that in just a couple of days we'll ring in 2019! I love that clean slate feeling the New Year brings. It always inspires me, and I can't wait to share all the new desserts I've been dreaming up and writing about in my recipe journals.

This champagne cheesecake is a recipe I've had scribbled on a piece of scrap paper for some time now, just waiting for the right toast-worthy occasion. It's a simple fix that can be divvied up into as many petite portions as you'd like. It's absolutely delicious without being too rich, and the champagne flavor really shines through!
This overnight dish is layered with toasted English muffins, Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce for the easiest take on classic Eggs Benedict. Pair it with Spiced Orange Breakfast Punch for a dynamic brunch duo!
Eggs Benedict Bake

I hope all of those celebrating had a real nice Christmas this week. I'm still recovering from the sugar rush that is the holidays with my family. In fact, yesterday's breakfast was two pieces of black walnut fudge with coffee. That was a first for me, but my mom makes the best fudge ever only once a year, so no regrets!

To counter all of that sweetness, I whipped up this Eggs Benedict Bake. I've made it twice now and I currently have a third pan in the refrigerator. It is absolutely delicious with hollandaise sauce and a handful of fresh chives, which I don't consider optional. Since you can assemble it a day ahead, I think it would make a wonderful New Year's Day breakfast.
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