It's hard to beat a classic, and Cola Sheet Cake is a recipe you're likely well-acquainted with - and almost certainly if you're from the south!

I worked at a hospital years ago, and there was always an autumn bake sale held for charity on the second floor near the cafeteria. I didn't bake much then, so scratch-made treats were extra-special and I'd load up my tote bag with goodies. Each year someone would make Cola Sheet Cake and display neatly cut slices covered with plastic wrap. They'd also affix disposable forks on top for convenience. I always purchased a slice and have fond memories of eating it with a cup of coffee at my desk. Now I make it myself, and it remains a flavor memory that transports me back to old friends and happy times at my previous job.

National Coffee Day is next week on September 29th and since I'm truly passionate about good coffee, I wanted to make something special for the occasion in advance. Cue this Wicked Espresso Cake, a.k.a. any coffee lover's dream come true! It's a towering confection built with six espresso-infused cake layers, filled with coffee crème légère, and frosted with chocolate-espresso French buttercream. Sounds pretty good, yes? Not only is it crazy town delicious, this cake has another purpose!

I'm just about ready to break out the pumpkin-spice treats, but before I dive headfirst into all things autumn, I want to share what I consider to be an evergreen favorite - Cookies and Cream Cheesecake! This version is no-bake, so it's easier to prepare than traditional cheesecakes. It's also a chilly bite on a hot day, and since we're still waiting for fall weather to arrive here in the south, it has been a well-received refreshment.

You may need to put on your sunglasses to look at this cake, because it's full of the brightest rainbow buttercream I've ever made!

Instagram is practically brimming with super cute number and letter-themed cakes, inspired by Instagrammer Adi Klinghofer, otherwise known as @adikosh123. Recently, my friends at Food Network asked me to create a version of this cake for their website, and I was thrilled to be asked. My spin on this trend is a veritable trip to Candy Land, with sour candies, Sixlets, pink candy bars, dipped doughnuts, and -what else? - lots and lots of sprinkles!

Pineapples are said to be a symbol of hospitality, so it's hard for me to imagine a more perfect dessert for dinner guests than this very cake. It's no ordinary pineapple upside-down cake. It is a 12-inch circle of fluffy cornmeal crumb studded with toasted coconut and infused with a shot of aged rum. Eight thick slices of fresh pineapple crown this cake, along with a buttery brown sugar syrup that runs down the sides as you unmold it.

These modest muffins aren't winning any beauty contests, but boy, are they ever delicious! This is the one of the best banana nut muffin recipes I've ever tried. In fact, I've been making these almost weekly for the past six months. It takes many batches of baking for me to bestow the word favorite on a recipe, but this one has earned the title. They make an excellent breakfast with salted butter and coffee, and often one of these muffins will sustain me for most of the day.
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