Eating affogatos in summertime is just part of living a good life, if you ask me. They require so little work and the end result is a caffeinated, quickly melting cup of ice cream heaven. The dessert in its most basic form is made with only ice cream and a shot of espresso, but toppings are highly encouraged! Try this version with raspberries and pistachios, or use whatever tasty ingredients inhabit your pantry.

Root beer lovers, this pie is just for you! It has all the creamy flavor of its namesake, and it's a great chilled treat for summer gatherings. This recipe is different from most other root beer pie recipes you'll find online, which use instant pudding in the filling. This version is fully scratch-made, and it's not too difficult to put together!

These tiramisu trifles taste like summer in a jar, and their layered red, white, and blue colors make them perfect for July Fourth festivities. Our local forecast predicts 96 degree weather tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to serving these chilly cups as refreshments on such a hot day. They're a quick fix with ready-made lady finger biscuits, which means there's no baking involved! Add lids and pack some birchware forks for a picnic-friendly treat.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. I recently ordered my dogs 'Totally 'Grammable Toast' toys from Bark Shop, and when they arrived I couldn't get over how cute and funny they were. I decided to cake-ify the toy, even though I hear the avocado toast trend is sooo 2017. Well. According to people who keep up with that kind of thing.

Hello friends and kind visitors! I'm taking a break from sweets today to share with you the best savory popover recipe I've ever tasted. I make these rolls almost weekly. All of my previous attempts at popovers have been lackluster at best, either too bland or not enough rise. I was beginning to think I just didn't like popovers, but this recipe was a real game-changer!

This Thursday is summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. Some cultures celebrate this day with festivals and rituals, but at our house we just tend to stay outdoors and marvel at how it's still daylight at almost 10 pm.

There's a certain magic to this time of year that hides in plain sight. Maybe you've noticed that green things are awake. Plants and vines are growing wild under summer's spell, and I can't seem to keep well-camouflaged caterpillars and leafy-looking bugs off of my tomato plants. I wanted to make something sweet that celebrated the green things taking over our landscape, so I began digging through my overfilled box of cake decorating supplies.
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