Yellow Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

In all my baking books (which is quite a few) butter cake recipes are often the most dog eared with pages-stuck-together and splattered with batter from heavy use. They are just so versatile and delicious. This one is made in two standard 9-inch round cake pans. It's covered in fluffy chocolate buttercream with confetti sprinkles and candles on top, which in my opinion makes it a proper (and nostalgic) birthday cake!

If you're a long-time reader, then you know I've always loved using small 6 and 7-inch round cake pans with my batter recipes - but I understand that not everyone will have those sizes in their bake ware collections. I developed this recipe with that in mind. The batter fits perfectly in two 9-inch cake pans and it won't crown much in the oven, so you can probably skip leveling the cakes altogether!

Is there anything better than chocolate buttercream? It is my weakness. I can't tell you how much of this billowy frosting I 'taste-tested'. (Yes I can, TOO MUCH!)

Our family has quite a few birthdays in fall months so I'm planning to give this recipe a real work out! It's so easily adaptable to other flavors, too. My current favorite iteration is adding the zest of one orange and two teaspoons of orange oil to the batter, because I'm a chocolate with orange fan from waaaay back!

I developed this recipe for the American Butter Institute, and the recipe lives on their website Go Bold With Butter.

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  1. The cake was very good. However the chocolate buttercream tasted more like cocoa butter cream. For me it was too much cocoa.

  2. This cake looks great! Wish there were weight measurements instead of just volume, though :( I'm rubbish at measuring flour in cups.

  3. As much as I love buttercream decorated cakes with drips and everything, there's just something about classic chocolate or vanilla frosted cakes with a handful of sprinkles that makes them my favorite cakes :)

  4. This cake looks so delicious and basic and good. Most likely you're too young to remember or even be around most likely when this one particular cake was on the market but in the early 80s one of the big cake mix companies, I think Betty Crocker came out with a "snack" cake version of a few cakes. My favorite was the yellow cake which was baked in an ovenproof (this is before microwave oven days, at least before the average person usually owned one, they were still a $1,000 and that was a FORTUNE then, you could buy a NEW small economy car for $5,000.) paper type of cake pan with a coating you put in the oven. The cake, one layer was about 6 x 8 inches. Then, a large heavy plastic squeeze bag was included and you kneaded the bag for a minute or two and when ready to frost the cake, snipped off the corner and squeezed the chocolate frosting over the cake. Same idea as a piping bag. Now I LOVED the cake when it was hot out of the oven, so hot the frosting usually began to melt. But it was SO GOOD. I'd make myself one of these, cut a big piece, about half the little cake and pour a big glass of ice cold milk and chill out. Whenever I see a yellow cake with chocolate frosting I think of that. It's a shame they took them off the market one day. Not sure why. Anyway, why I wrote. I know the recipe makes one 9 inch cake. When I first looked at it I thought for a minute it said 19 inch cake and I thought, "WHAT?" Then I realized it said one 9 inch cake. However, as for yield what is REALLY important and I want to know is how many servings should this cake provide? That's what would be helpful for me. Thanks

  5. This recipe isn't on Go Bold With Butter anymore! i'd still really like to try it. Is there anywhere else I can find this recipe?

    1. Hi Mack, they had a site redesign, so the link changed. I've updated the links, or you could follow this one for the recipe:




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