Celestial Sweet Sixteen Cake

Hello friends and Happy Weekend!

November seems to be slipping by so fast! Things have been quiet on the blog lately because I've been immersed in new projects. One of those projects was this Sweet 16 cake! I made it for a relative that lives in Atlanta, and so when it came time for cake delivery we both drove about 2 hours to meet in the middle. I'd never delivered a cake that required more than a 40 minute drive, so this was a real nail-biter for me! After the cake was handed off for another 2 hour drive I said a little prayer, which I believe worked. It arrived at its destination relatively unscathed.

The cake layers were alternating tiers of raspberry-filled yellow cake and tiramisu-filled (coffee-rum) chocolate cake. The latter was my favorite and I plan to re-make it in standard cake size for a blog post soon. There's no recipe with today's post because most of the elements can already be found on this blog! I'll be sure to link those recipes at the end of this post.

Knowing this cake had to make a four hour journey, I doweled the heck out of it. I love Ateco's cake plates and dowels. They are super sturdy and I always use them when I have a multi-tiered cake. You can the plates here and dowels here.

Roxy, the birthday girl, had an inspiration photo with sparkling celestial elements so I used that as a guide for the pattern on this cake. The above photo is a quick snap of me getting settled in for a long decorating session. Music? Necessary.

The fondant I used was a standard blue ready-made fondant that I mixed with navy blue food color. I made decors using fondant brushed with vanilla extract and luster dust. I cut stars using a fondant star plunger, and the moons were made using the wide end of a large decorator tip. I also stenciled on stars using this stencil and luster dust.

The above picture is my work about halfway through. The patterns went around the entire circumference of the cake. I used a teeny bit of white food color and a fine-tipped artists' brush to make lines on the cake to connect the stars for constellations. The fondant decors were attached with dots of piping gel.

I really loved the sparkling topper. It was just a smidge too large for the top tier, but I think it looked pretty anyway. You can find the topper for purchase here.

This cake was really fun to make, although I found the navy fondant to be very challenging when it came to achieving a satin smooth appearance. I heard the birthday girl was happy with it and everybody thought it tasted good, and that's really what matters most.

This post is by no means a comprehensive guide to making this cake, but I hope it serves for some eye candy and inspiration. Following you'll find links to most of the recipes I used.

Chocolate Tiramisu Tier:
Chocolate Therapy Cake - I used this cake recipe and omitted the cookies in the batter.
Coffee and Donuts Cake - I doubled the coffee buttercream from this recipe and added rum extract.

Raspberry-Filled Yellow Cake Tiers:
Easy White Cake - I tripled this recipe and swapped the white cake starter for yellow.
Raspberry Rose Water Layer Cake - I tripled the raspberry filling recipe and added a little raspberry jam to the mix for extra flavor.
Swiss Meringue Buttercream - the recipe was tripled and all of the tiers were covered with this frosting before the fondant application.

Happy, Happy Birthday Roxy!
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  1. Such a beautiful and classy cake!



  2. Stellar cake! What a lucky 16 year old!

  3. WOW Such a beautiful cake. You are so talented, I always find decorating cakes the hardest part! I usually give up mid way through and do something very simple!

    Rach theteacozykitchen.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Wonderful!


  5. Lovely cake! Any idea for a boy turning sixteen in a few months time? I know boys don't like the idea of 'sweet sixteen ', but this young man enjoys having friends and family around for entertainment.

  6. What size of cake pans did you use for each tier? Thanks!


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