Skeleton Pinata Cake

We're just days away from Halloween, which doesn't seem possible because I haven't carved the first pumpkin! I guess I've been too busy baking up loads of spooky treats like this scary-good skeleton cake. When it's sliced you'll find an eye-popping red velvet interior and a cache of candy bones inside. It makes a frightful centerpiece for those party-throwers with a macabre theme.

The cake portion consists of four 8-inch layers. The centers are cut out of two layers to make room for the candy surprise inside.

Bones! I used almond bark and a skeleton mold to create 
femurs and phalanges and fibulas (o-my!). 

(A spooky surprise inside!)

The skull topper is made from black and white ready-made fondant. It may look complicated, but I promise it's easy enough. You'll need a kitchen-dedicated X-acto knife with one blade replacement for this project.

Once the cake is covered in frosting, the fondant skull topper can be lifted and placed on top. In the above picture I'm using the spatula to cover the edges of the topper. This makes it look more integrated into the cake, and it makes the end result look more polished.

Slicing the cake is so much fun! You may crunch a few candy bones with your knife, but that just adds to the effect.

You'll find the printable skull topper template, recipes, and a complete picture tutorial on The Etsy Blog!

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