Photo Journal: Spring So Far

Hello, friends! I’m sharing a few personal updates this spring, along with some fun food projects I’ve been working on elsewhere. I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve been up to lately.

Spring So Far

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done a personal update post. So, hello! I’m typing on my laptop from my couch in the den, thinking about our spring so far.

Camellia season is winding down, and our sizeable tree is dropping a carpet of flower heads and petals for us to walk upon. It feels special and sacred somehow. Everything has a season.

Spring So Far

Now that the danger of a frost is past (we think) here in east Tennessee, I’m starting to plan my little workshop garden. Each year I plant herbs, peppers, tomatoes, and generally whatever strikes my fancy when I’m shopping. But cherry tomatoes are always a MUST.

For the past three years I’ve ordered a Sweet Million plant (from Grow Joy). Because it produces the most beautiful and plentiful grape-like clusters. The tomatoes are super sweet. You may remember I mention them in my Tomato Jam recipe post. I can’t wait to make another batch this year!

My work elsewhere.

Sometimes when there’s a recipe that’s SO good, and SO popular, my friends at will ask me to create a how-to video for it. Such was the case with World’s Best Cinnamon Raisin Bread. It was everything I hoped it would be, and fun to make! Just click the ‘Watch’ button on the lead image to see it come together. The recipe makes three loaves, which seems like a lot but it’s so nice to gift! I gave a loaf to my mom and one to my bestie. We ate slices of the last loaf at breakfast every day for a week!

In February, I was also asked by Food Network to create a colorful treat to help promote the Kid’s Baking Championship show. How fun, right? These confetti cupcakes were just the thing, with a tall swirl of rainbow buttercream. You can view the video here on Facebook. There should be a recipe coming soon on I’ll update here when it’s live.

In remembrance.

Spring So Far

Those of you that follow my baking news on Facebook or Instagram likely heard the sad news that our little pug Churro passed away. He’s been such a fixture on the blog over the years, it seems appropriate to announce it here as well. He lived a long time and we completely adored him. We feel the loss daily, but are committed to rescue other dogs like Churro. You can read about his first days with us right here (scroll to the bottom of the post).

Coming soon!

On a happier note, I’ve been working with my friends at to bring you some amazing spring brunch foods! I can’t wait to share all the wonderful recipes that we’ve tirelessly tested, and happily tasted. It’s going to be a real treat!

Until then, check this article I made for 20 Easy Kitchen Upcycles for Old Kitchen Gear, on You’ll find easy tips and projects like this dish rack turned into a holder for your favorite cookbooks.

Spring is fully here, which feels like an endless garden of possibilities. Although we’ve had a tearful goodbye, I still feel the promise of renewal that this season brings. Green sprouts and blossoms, in this springtime rhythm. And perhaps a few pink desserts on the way, too.

Here’s hoping this finds everyone well!

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2 years ago

I love updates like this 🙂

2 years ago

I’ve been following your for years, and I have your first cookbook. I’m so sorry for Churro’s passing. He was such a cute little guy, and very lucky you were his human. Congratulations on your success. Your photos, alone, are so inspiring and artistic. They make me smile.

Annie Goodman
Annie Goodman
2 years ago

Love your recipes & I always find it a welcome challenge to make them gluten free!

Sorry to hear about the passing of your dog Churro. I’m sure he had a great life — especially with all those wonderful crumbs from your great baking & cooking!! My Mikie (our 5th English Springer Spaniel) thinks it perfectly acceptable to help mom with the baking!! He gets into everything & especially likes to steal dish towels & pot holders just when I need them!!

2 years ago

Sorry to hear about Churro. It’s painful to lose a pet. He was lucky to have you as his human.
I always enjoy your posts and your ideas are the stuff of fantasies’