Shark Diorama Cake for Shark Week!

Shark Week Diorama Cake

Hello, and Happy Shark Week! Discovery’s week-long shark fest began on July 28th and runs through August 4th. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some shark-themed treats swimming through your social media feeds, and I’m adding one more! I’m so excited to share this special cake I made for Food Network in honor of the event.

Shark Week Diorama Cake

I loved the idea of making a shark habitat cake, which led me to propose a three tier cake with shark silhouettes on one side, and a cutaway of a shark’s habitat on the other side – diorama style!

Shark Week Diorama Cake

The cake begins with three ganached tiers. When the ganache firms it makes the cake extra-sturdy.

Shark Week Diorama Cake

After the tiers are stacked, a good-sized portion of one side of the cake is carved away for the shark’s habitat. All the cake scraps can be saved for cake pops, so there’s no waste!

Shark Week Diorama Cake

On the other side of the cake, stencils made with parchment paper are placed on the cake and frosted over with blue icing. When the stencils are pulled away with a toothpick, the shark silhouette is revealed.

Shark Week Diorama Cake

This was such a fun cake to make! You simply MUST check out the full video here. It shows all of the assembly and little marshmallow fondant details. Also, the step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures can be found here

How to Make a Shark Diorama Cake on!

PS. Check out last year’s Shark Week Cake right here!

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Raushan Gupta
Raushan Gupta
4 years ago

Hi, There,

This Raushan from India. By profession I am a developer but I am passionate about cooking. So, in my free time I explore food websites like your and get the best food recipes and try to make them. Sometimes I succeed and cook tasty food and sometimes all messed up. :p I also, run a small online cake shop and when I a new cake recipe I add it to my kitchen and menu list.

Thanks you for sharing your good recipes with us.

3 years ago

I would love to read your blogs and it gives me the inspiration to cook even more better with better recipes. One thing I want to share is I’m in love with your blog. Thanks for sharing such a good blog that made my day.