Gift This! Mid Century Modern Sugar Cookie House

I've been a builder of gingerbread houses for many years but I've never made a sugar cookie house. This was my first, and it won't be my last! To get started I used neon pink food color and my favorite sturdy sugar cookie recipe. The end result was a fun vibrant-hued dough that I felt was destined to create a cozy, mid-century modern cookie retreat.

The template I made is really easy to use. You'll print and cut out the pieces from copy paper, and then lay them on chilled dough and cut around each shape with a small paring knife.

I was so inspired by Putz houses - have you seen them? They are small, glittering paper houses that you'll sometimes see on mantels and even as ornaments on Christmas trees. I brushed the walls of the house with corn syrup and added edible flake glitter.

Bottle brush trees are a must for any Putz-inspired house. I found these at Target, but most craft stores carry them.

The windows and doors are made of fondant and edible paper (called sugar sheets - see here). If you don't have time to collect those specialty ingredients, then feel free to get creative with mini chocolate bars, gum drops and whatever other candy strikes your fancy!

All the little details I added are well-explained in the complete tutorial on the Etsy Blog. It's a fun project and perhaps not as time-consuming as you'd imagine! Making one is a gift to the whole family because it's just as much fun to disassemble (and eat!) as it is to build!

Make a Mid-Century Cookie Village

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  1. What a perfect little house! It's hard to believe that it's made out of cookie!


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