Chocolate Spider Cake

Remember when I told you I had Halloween party treats covered? I wasn't kidding! I've been prolific with my spooky sweets-making this year. This chocolate spider cake turned out to be one of my recent favorites. It's absolutely RICH and delicious and it'll double as a centerpiece for your party buffet.

I think we can all agree that Mr. Spider is more cute that creepy. I'd assumed the chocolate sprinkles would make him look hairy and scary, but honestly he looks more like a furry stuffed animal.

This 'spider body' cake portion is baked in a bowl! Use a heat-proof bowl. I recommend a 2 1/2 quart stainless steel bowl if you have one, though most any heat-proof variety will work.

The frosting is none other than pure chocolate ganache (swoon!). That's how you KNOW it's going to be delicious.

Covering a cake with sprinkles is always a messy job. This cake is small enough to hold in one hand while you pile on the sprinkles with the other. Hold it over a plate to catch the excess.

The head is made from a single chocolate cupcake cut in half. Add the candy eyeballs before you pour on the sprinkles. I got a little abstract with the eyeball placement, but I still think he's a cutie!

I developed this recipe for the American Butter Institute, and the recipe lives on their website 

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  1. Cute Halloween treats rock! :) Your cake would make a fab centerpiece indeed! :) It's so lovely! :)

  2. What a cute idea for a Halloween party cake! :D

    sachie | lovelycomplex.net

  3. Beautifully written blog , and the pics we also really nice , I am going to be following ur blog hence , I am myself a cake decorator and can truly appreciate the kind of hard work which goes into making these elaborate suger creations . Plz do have a look at my website too. .. http://www.cakecentral.co.in and ur thoughts about my work. Thanks

  4. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Very creative how you put it all together.


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