Fairy Bread Cookies for The Etsy Blog!

Once upon a time buttered white bread topped with rainbow sprinkles sounded like an odd food combination to me, but its magical name drew me in. Fairy Bread. I first tasted this Aussie treat years ago, and since then I've become its biggest fan (along with its Dutch cousin, Hagelslag.) You can find additional proof of my affection in this Fairy Bread Party Cake blog post.

I was also inspired to cookie-ify it!

You'll start with a basic butter cookie dough recipe. The one I use here is my very favorite 'blank canvas' from the Sprinkle Bakes cookbook.

The dough requires a bit of shaping with - no special tools! Just use your fingers to make impressions into the dough baton.

I think the cookies are pretty cute at this 'bread slice' stage, but they get even cuter with faux butter (yellow buttercream frosting) and lots of sprinkles.

This original recipe lives on The Etsy Blog, so hop on over to view the entire tutorial. It has lots of pictures and step instructions to help you create your own version of Fairy Bread cookies!

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  1. Wonderful biscuits, and Fairy Bread is such a treat at birthday parties. We only ever use 100s and 1000s though. Their crunch is important. Sprinkles are not acceptable here in Tasmania amongst our friends. I am so excited that you love Fairy Bread too, I shall have to bake some of these biscuits soon.

    1. That's good to know! Thank you for sharing - I see how the crunch would be important. :)

  2. Oh Heather, I love all of your renditions of Fairy Bread! These cookies are adorable!

  3. These are so cute! What a great idea for parties or a dessert tray. And I love how simple and easy slice and bake cookies are. This may be my favorite version of Fairy Bread that I've seen!

  4. OMG,pretty cute cookies, i love this


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