Eight Ways to DIY Naked Cakes for Food Network

I want to share something fun with you today - a 'Naked Cakes' gallery! This un-frosted cake trend gained popularity in 2013 and has hit its stride in the following years. It's all about the beauty of simplicity; uncovered cakes showing off their delicious fillings. The main decorative component is usually on top of the cake. A sprinkle of powdered sugar is the unfussiest decor, or you can go all out with food-safe flowers and sugared berries.

Naked cakes give you the option to endlessly vary your favorite layer cake recipes, and that's what this article is all about. You'll find lots of tips and tricks on how to build and decorate beautiful in-the-buff cakes.

Happy Weekend!
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  1. Naked cakes are my fave. Thanks for sharing these, they all look amazing!

  2. Wonderful article, Heather! I am inspired. My son's birthday is this Thursday and I am definitely making him the colorful sprinkle cake! Thanks!Laura


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