Make a Fantastical Edible Fairy House

Have you heard of Fairy Houses yet? They are tiny structures reportedly built by resourceful fairies with found objects from nature. I absolutely love all of the creative versions I see popping up online, and I've seen a few that make me wish I could shrink myself down to scale so I could take up residence.

Today I'm sharing my edible version on The Etsy Blog. Instead of using found objects from nature, I used found objects from my pantry! Most all of the ingredients needed are pantry staples such as graham crackers and pretzel sticks (and Tootsie Rolls - which may not be a pantry staple for everyone, but it's one of mine!).

You can find the entire tutorial HERE on The Etsy Blog!

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  1. Lucy is currently OBSESSED with fairies, so I think I've found our next Summer project!! So so fun.

  2. I love everything fairy. So how could I not love this? What a great idea! And being able to eat it is even better!

  3. Too cute and diminutively creative. So, did you eat it? Cheers, Ardith

  4. This is toooo coool a house to eat. What a creation!!!! Reg-Vanita

  5. Fairy, poetic, lovely, I'm fan !


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