Three Designer-Worthy Gingerbread Houses for HGTV!

Gingerbread houses are a favorite of mine to make during the Christmas season. You might already know this if you're a regular reader (if not, see here, here and even here!). This past summer HGTV cooked up an idea for three different takes on gingerbread structures, and they asked if I'd be willing to whip them up for a holiday feature. I was more than happy to oblige!

The first on my list to design was a log cabin. The walls are made of gingerbread, but then they're covered with pretzel rods cut to size. It's hard to pick a favorite of the three houses, but this one may be it (it's the coziest, if you ask me!). If you'd like to try your hand at making it, click here for the template, here for the recipe and here for a step-by-step image gallery.

Next is the Cape Cod home. It uses the same template as the Log Cabin, but the structure is turned differently (using the long side as the front). My husband and I live in a Cape Cod house, so this one had special significance for me. Despite lacking dormers (for simplicity's sake), I think it represents the style fairly well.

Want to give it a try? You can find the recipe here and the step-by-step image gallery here.

Last but not least is the Victorian. The original idea was to use one template for all three houses, but I felt the Victorian needed more character. So, this house uses a different set of plans (you can find them here). It seemed daunting to design turrets and bay windows, so I kept things fairly simple.

If you'd like to try your hand at recreating it, you can find the recipe here and the step-by-step images here. The pine tree cupcake picks I used to decorate around all of the houses can be found here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my cookie architecture, and I hope it inspires you to make your own!
Happy building!
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  1. Awesome! I really love the log house.



  2. Oh my gosh! These are the most fabulous gingerbread houses I have ever seen! Just beautiful! I love the idea of the pretzels for the log house - brilliant!

  3. The yellow one is my fave! I simply love the design of that house. I might not be into ginger bread making but i could sure try my hand at one of these one this year!

  4. Just wanted to say the houses look amazing...The pretzel idea is genius. Beautiful work, as always!

  5. So hard to pick a favorite because they are all great! I am going to make the 3rd choice because it's so different. I might need your help though!

  6. Really is the most beautifull gingerhouse ever!

  7. I am in LOVE with these little beauties! I have only made GB house once and it was nothing to write home about. You have inspired me to give it another try! Congrats on the HGTV piece!

  8. As usual, your talent leaves me speechless!!I could seriously stare at these all day. Gorgeous!!

  9. I just LOVE them all but the log cabin takes the cake :)

  10. All three are really cute, I have a feeling that the log cabin will be made in our house this Christmas!

  11. These are amazing! I think my favorite is the log cabin:)


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