Round 3 Cookie Challenge - Cranberry Orange Blossoms

It's that time again! Another cookie challenge, and another cookie entry.

The cranberry ingredient had me stumped! It seems easy enough to incorporate into a cookie, right? I had a case of bona fide baker's block. It has much to do with two failed Croatian (Potica) bread recipes that recently threw me off my game. But I'll go into that later.


Today, these came to me in a daydream about cheesecake. Somehow a stray synapse fired in my brain, and I came up with these little bite-sized blossoms.

Cranberry Orange Blossoms

Flower cookies with a cranberry center.

See Cranberry Orange Blossoms on Key Ingredient.

The addition of orange zest is very important in this recipe. It gives these buttery morsels a fresh flavor that cannot be achieved with orange extract alone.

This Friday is National Cookie Day, (!) a sweet precursor to Cookie Exchange Week December 7-13. Check back for cookie recipes galore!

P.S. K-town folks, if you're not into baking stop by Ham n' Goodys for a famous lemon cookie. They are outstanding and it's a great way to celebrate National Cookie Day!

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  1. Hello, I've been a lurker on your site since you were featured on I Blog Your Profile. I love your blog very much. I do have a question about these cookies though. How do you get the cookies to release from the cookie press? I just can't get them to stick to the pan and break off from the press. If you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them.

  2. Hi Heidi! I've had this problem too. This seems to be a common problem with Spritz-type press cookies. I have resorted to clicking my cookie press twice instead of once. This makes fatter cookies but they seem to break off easier. Any more clicks and the design gets lost and looks like a blob. Also, coated or non-stick pans will not work as well to "grab" the dough. Plain, aluminum sheet pans work best, and If your pans are warm at all, your dough will not stick. Funny you ask, because I was just watching Martha Stewart make Spritz cookies, and I noticed that she clicked her cookie press twice. I also noticed she used a rubber Silpat in her pan. Silpats have a textured surface, and I wonder if this helps grab the dough better. This is something I'd like to try. I've also heard that your dough must not be the least bit cold. Talk about a temperamental cookie! Wilton also has a Cookie Press FAQ that you might want to look at.


    Thank you for your question Heidi, I hope this helps!

  3. I noticed in the ingredient list that it called for baking soda but the instructions say baking powder. Which one is supposed to be used? Thanks.

  4. OH! A typo. Sorry about that, I've fixed the recipe and it is baking POWDER. If only I were a robot, this wouldn't happen. :) Thanks!!

  5. Cranberry! I love cranberries. Thanks for the recipe.

    @SprinkleBakes: LOL. Better not to wish your a robot. that's ridiculous.


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