The Bacon Fad

"Fad –noun : a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal."

I subscribe to a number of food magazines, and as I page through I can't help but put my finger on one recurring theme. Bacon is for dessert.

I've seen bacon topped cupcakes and bacon toffee. I've even seen bacon lollipops and bacon cookies with bits stirred right into the batter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at this idea. I like fresh ideas and challenging the way people look at food. I have, however, smirked a little at how much the fad has caught on. I had earlier witnessed the phenomena of "Baconnaise" and "Bacon Salt" which both, ironically, contain no meat products and are considered vegetarian. Normally the type of people I find connected to these products are those who like to flex their carnivorous muscles whilst spouting anti-vegetarian sentiment. Not my kind of party.

With some ambivalence I decided to give this bacon-dessert thing a try. I wanted to make a bacon cookie, but couldn't bring myself to put it in the batter. I decided to make a maple-pecan cookie with Candied Bacon as a topping.

It was... delicious. I have to remind myself that behind (most) every fad lies a kernel of truthful goodness that puts the trend into motion. The bacon was delightfully crunchy, sweet and salty. The flavor reminded me of pecan waffles with a side of bacon. If you'd like to try Candied Bacon yourself, directions are below.

Candied Bacon

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Cook bacon in a skillet on stove-top until almost cooked through (not crispy).
On a parchment lined cookie sheet sprinkle bacon with brown sugar and bake 10 minutes, or until sugar has dissolved.
Let bacon cool completely.
Peel from parchment and enjoy!
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  1. Your post reminded me of a cookie recipe I've always wanted to try - a molasses/gingerbread cookie using rendered bacon fat instead of butter or shortening. I think it appeared in guest-written 'nostalgia' essay in Martha Stewart magazine several years ago. Unfortunately, the people I bake for think it sounds disgusting. I'm inspired, though, to try a 'bit-o-bacon,' as you have. Thanks! I've really enjoyed browsing your blog. ~Leslie

  2. Leslie! I am a sucker for nostalgic recipes, and your molasses/gingerbread cookie recipe sounds right up my alley. It's discouraging when those around you are not as excited about a new(or old, rather) concept in baking. If you do ever make them, I'd love to know the results, and the reactions you receive.

    What a great comment. Thank you!

  3. If you have never tried Chocolate cake with bacon, you are missing out. I stumbled into this unique blending of flavors at Burningman Flipside in 2004. The sweetness of the chocolate cake and frosting was perfectly matched to the saltiness and crispness of the bacon. They are a match made in heaven. There are a number of very well known eateries that now offer their own version of this taste mix.

    It may not sound tasty but if you try it you will be hooked! Everyone I have introduced to it is now a hooked. :)

  4. What food magazines do you subscribe to-I am looking for some new ones.

  5. Can you share the maple pecan cookie recipe??

  6. this sounds deliciousss!


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