Watercolor and Gold Leaf Cake DIY Kit

Hi friends, today I have something super fun and exciting to share!

One of my favorite trends in the confection world right now is the beautiful aesthetic of watercolor and gold leaf together. Watercolor technique has been popping up all over the web on all kinds of sweets: cupcakes, cookies, celebration cakes, wedding cakes - you name it! You may even remember the watercolor cake I decorated earlier this year (if you haven't picked up Sweetapolita's Bakebook yet, you definitely should!).

Brit and Co. asked if I'd help them put together a Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit. This kit has all the tools you need to create a beautiful watercolor cake of your own - but no need to stop at cakes! You can use it on all kinds of different sweets. I love that the kit comes with everything you need - food colors, brushes, extracts, and especially gold leaf, which can be hard to find and rather expensive at specialty shops. The best thing? You can re-use all the supplies over and over again!

I love the range of food colors we chose: turquoise, purple, pink and orange. You can use all four colors together as I have for this cake, or use two for a more subtle color palette.

Hop on over to the B+C shop for all the details and purchasing info!

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  1. This is just stunning! You are extremely talented. :)

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  2. Wow!love the colored cake!nice result!
    Nice post!
    You re very welcome to visit my blog:
    Wish you a fab day!

  3. Gorgeous cake. I'm not a fan of orange but this reminds me of my garden; it's a fantastic choice to brighten the cool colors I do love!

  4. OMG! this is the wonderful world map hhh I love the colors so much

  5. I just ordered 2 sets...one for me and one for a friend...I can't wait to try it out.

    1. Thank you! There will be another cake tutorial on Brit and Co. soon that you can make using the watercolor kit. Keep your eyes peeled! xo

  6. Super fun!!!! ...May have to give myself one for Christmas.

  7. Really awesome!
    I just created my new baking blog and would love any advice!
    Thank you xx

  8. This is so stunning! Beautiful!!!

  9. While cake is typically delicious, it’s even tastier when it’s well decorated! This DIY kit creates a beautiful and unique cake that’s a sure crowd-pleaser. It’s also easy to do!

  10. such a fun idea - and what a show-stopper of a cake.

  11. Is the kit no longer available?

  12. I second Cindy...can't find a thing referring to it on their site! So sad


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