I enjoy dining out occasionally, and if there's a complimentary bread basket involved then I'm the person who descends upon it with much zeal. I've often said that I could live on bread and sweet tea (the latter is a southern habit) and that sentiment rings truer than ever after I made these pumpkin crescents. Gosh, are they ever soft and buttery!

I've had the idea for these Dream Catcher Lollipops since last December. That was when I started having a recurring dream about a giant praying mantis. In the dream I wear a fuzzy sweater and no matter how much I try to shoo the bug away, it clings to my sweater. I do not like this dream. After a few months of complaining, my husband said "you need a dream catcher".

I purchased one and hung it over my bed. I didn't expect it to work, which is a good thing because it didn't work, but it sure is pretty!  I especially like the ones I've been seeing recently on Etsy, where makers are using doilies in the centers instead of the usual webbing. They inspired these lollipops.

Last week I went to the Tennessee State Fair. It always brings genuine childlike joy to my soul. I love to get my face painted and gawk the giant prize-winning pumpkin. And the food! I must have tried one of everything. It inspired me to create this layer cake, which is an homage to many of my favorite fair foods.

Once upon a time buttered white bread topped with rainbow sprinkles sounded like an odd food combination to me, but its magical name drew me in. Fairy Bread. I first tasted this Aussie treat years ago, and since then I've become its biggest fan (along with its Dutch cousin, Hagelslag.) You can find additional proof of my affection in this Fairy Bread Party Cake blog post.

I was also inspired to cookie-ify it!

I want to share something fun with you today - a 'Naked Cakes' gallery! This un-frosted cake trend gained popularity in 2013 and has hit its stride in the following years. It's all about the beauty of simplicity; uncovered cakes showing off their delicious fillings. The main decorative component is usually on top of the cake. A sprinkle of powdered sugar is the unfussiest decor, or you can go all out with food-safe flowers and sugared berries.

Here's a great little baking project that won't take up much of your weekend!

This no-frills spiced pumpkin bread is tops in my book. It's sweet, tender and speckled with walnuts throughout. The recipe makes two big loaves, which means you can share the love by giving one away to your neighbor. I think that's important. Even if we can't cure the world's ills we can still give a loaf of pumpkin bread to our neighbor, and that's a step in the right direction.
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