Classic Cola Sheet Cake

It’s hard to beat a classic, and Cola Sheet Cake is a recipe you’re likely well-acquainted with – and almost certainly if you’re from the south!

I worked at a hospital years ago, and there was always an autumn bake sale held for charity on the second floor near the cafeteria. I didn’t bake much then, so scratch-made treats were extra-special. I’d load up my tote bag with goodies. Each year someone would make Cola Sheet Cake and display neatly cut slices covered with plastic wrap. I’d always buy a slice. Now I make it myself, and it remains a flavor memory that transports me back to old friends and happy times at my previous job.

Most cola recipes I’ve researched use shortening in the batter, but I can tell you from experience that using butter in its place improves the end result. It has better flavor and I find the cake holds together well when sliced.

Just a kiss of unsweet cocoa is added to the batter to give it color, and this slight amount allows the cola flavor to shine through.

Who doesn’t love an 11×9 cake? Pour the batter in a baking dish and smooth with a spatula.

The baked cake will shrink away from the sides of the pan and the middle will sigh ever-so-slightly. It may seem as if you did something wrong, but it’s the nature of the cake. Expect this behavior and be at peace with a slightly sunken-in-the-center cake.

The chocolate frosting that goes on top of the cooled cake is billowy and rich. This cake needs little adornment, but a few pecan pieces will make for the prettiest slices.

The frosting will set after an hour or so at room temperature, which makes the cake easy to cover and tote away to potlucks and bake sales. If you’ve never tried cola cake, this is a good no-fuss recipe to try.

This recipe lives on the Go Bold With Butter website, so click HERE for the recipe! Be sure to check out all their excellent recipes made with real butter and dairy!


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Colette (Coco)
Colette (Coco)
5 years ago

I'm with you on the butter. It's actually better for your health, too.
Can't wait to make this tonight! xo

5 years ago

I made this on the weekend and, while it was a big hit, it didn't have much Cola flavour. Is there a way to boost the Cola element?

Heather Baird
Heather Baird
5 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

Hi Shannon!

If you really want to bring forward the cola flavor, then I recommend using a flavoring made my LorAnn. It's concentrated cola flavor, and you can find it for purchase online (linked below). I'd recommend about 1/8 teaspoon added to the batter.

5 years ago

Thank you Heather! I'll try that next time.