Peas and Carrots Cake

So, here's something different!

The idea for this cake came to me one morning before I was even awake. I had a dream about making a peas and carrots cake - and before you ask, I hadn't watched Forrest Gump before bed that night (haha!). I guess I've had romantic love and weddings on my mind lately because I'm making two wedding cakes this year for relatives. I think this cake would be a super cute engagement party cake, or even an anniversary cake.

Check out the inside! It looks like a bag of frozen chopped carrots and peas were added to the batter, doesn't it? I made the 'peas and carrots' with a mixture of crumbled cake, food color, and frosting (aka: cake pop fixin's). I've wanted to make a 'surprise inside' cake for a long time but I was waiting for the right inspiration. Who knew it would be peas and carrots?!

Maybe you've noticed that I've been producing more video content lately. It's a great way to provide information that photographs just can't communicate. I think it's especially helpful for this cake project. I hope you enjoy watching the process!

The pea pod decors are so easy to make and something about the process is satisfying. The peas inside are lime green Sixlets candies. For those unfamiliar, they're kind of like M&M candies except - round. For this project you'll need a 1 lb. bulk bag.

The pod is made with a piece of ready-made green fondant. A little corn syrup brushed in the center will help keep the Sixlets from escaping the pod when it's placed upright on the cake. For extra insurance, let the pods dry for about 1 hour before applying to the cake. That way you can be sure the peas will stay put.

The carrots are made from ready-made orange fondant, but they could also be made with marzipan if you're not a big fan of sugar paste. The leaves are fresh mint sprigs. These should be added just before you serve the cake because they will wilt and become droopy over the course of about 2 hours. If you have the time and resources, leaves could be made with green fondant and a leaf mold.

I found the cute cake topper months ago, and honestly I had no real plans for it. I just liked the simple message and thought I might save it for Valentine's Day. It's made or sturdy card stock, so it could be reused a couple of times. If you're interested in purchasing one you can find it here. It will arrive gold and sparkling with glitter. I decided to tint my topper green using a damp sponge and neon green food color. If you do this, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before using it on the cake.

My favorite part of this cake is how each slice is different. The random 'peas and carrots' inside makes each piece unique. This cake is so much fun to serve and even more fun to eat! And it brings new meaning to the words "Eat Your Veggies!"

Peas and Carrots Cake
Serves 10

Heather’s notes: This cake starts with a box of white cake mix but is improved upon with additions of sugar, flour, sour cream and flavorings. I used this particular recipe for this baking project because its pure white interior will best show the colorful ‘peas and carrots’ inside. You’ll need an 8-inch white cake to make the peas and carrots, which you can buy ready-made or make with cake batter using the provided recipe.

You’ll need non-standard size baking pans for this project - two 3-inch cake pans and two 6-inch cake pans.

Peas and carrots for inside the cake
One 8-inch white cake (make or buy)
Neon orange food color
Neon green food color
Vanilla buttercream

Crumble the cake in a large baking dish and remove any hard edges or brown pieces. Only use the white fluffy interior of the cake. Divide the crumbs between two bowls and add 1 tablespoon of buttercream to each bowl. Add green food color to one bowl and orange to the other. Stir together or knead well with hands (use gloves) until the color is consistent.

Use a 1/4 teaspoon to scoop out small rounds of green dough; roll them between your palms to make ‘peas’. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Repeat until all of the green dough is used. Flatten the orange dough and cut into 1/2-inch strips with a knife. Cut the strips into square chopped carrot shapes and place on the parchment lined sheet. Freeze until solid, about 45 minutes.

White almond sour cream cake layers
1 box/ 16.25 oz. white cake mix
1 cup/128g all-purpose flour
1 cup/200g granulated sugar
Generous pinch of salt
1 cup/242g sour cream
1 cup/ 8 oz. cold water
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease two 3-inch pans and two 6-inch pans.

Whisk together the first 4 ingredients in a large mixing bowl. In a four cup measure, stir together the sour cream, water, eggs and extracts. With a hand mixer running on low speed, gradually pour the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients. Scrape the bowl down and mix again. Layer the batter in the pans three additions, alternating with the frozen peas and carrots. Smooth the tops. Bake the 6-inch cakes for about 35 minutes and the 3 inch cakes for 25 minutes, or until the cakes spring back when pressed in their centers. Allow the cakes to cool completely and level with a cake leveler or serrated knife.

Vanilla buttercream
1 cup/226g of unsalted butter, softened
5 to 6 cups/640g to 768g confectioners’ sugar
Vanilla extract
Milk or heavy cream

In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, mix together the butter and confectioners’ sugar. Begin on low speed until crumbly, and then increase to high and beat for 3 minutes.
Add vanilla and beat again for another minute. If you find the buttercream is too stiff, you may add milk or heavy cream 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture is spreading consistency. Beat until light and fluffy.

Fill the cakes with frosting and stack: cover the outside of the cakes with an even coat of buttercream. Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour. Place the 3-inch cake in the center of the 6-inch cake. Transfer leftover buttercream to a disposable piping bag with a small hole snipped in the end.

Peas and Carrots Decors
1 lb. ready-made green fondant
Corn syrup
1 lb. lime green sixlets
1 lb. ready-made orange fondant (or marzipan)
Fresh mint sprigs

For the peas: Knead and roll the green fondant to 1/4-inch thickness and cut into rectangles, approximately 5 inches long by 1inch wide. Brush a little corn syrup in the center of each rectangle and line 6-8 Sixlets candies in the centers. Pinch the fondant around the Sixlets to create a ‘pea pod’. Pinch the ends together. The finished pea pods should be about 7-inches long (it’s okay if they vary). Let the pea pods dry four about 1 hour. Apply the pods to the edge of the cake using buttercream as adhesive.

For the carrots: Knead the orange fondant and tear away walnut-sized pieces. Roll the fondant pieces into carrot shapes between your palms (about 5-inches tall) tapering one end to a point. Striate the shapes horizontally using a toothpick (see video). Make a hole in the top of each carrot. Place a sprig of mint in the top of each carrot. Let dry until slightly firm, about 30 minutes. Apply the carrots to the sides of the 3-inch cake tier using buttercream as adhesive.

Add a cute cake topper if desired. Serve to delighted guests.
Wipe knife with a damp cloth between slices for prettiest presentation.

Note: if making this cake ahead of time, apply the carrots to the cake without the fresh mint. Mint will wilt and become droopy over time if not kept in water. Add the mint to the carrots just before presenting and serving.

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