What I'm Gifting This Wedding Season

It's been a busy spring so far and I don't think I've ever had so many wedding showers to attend. If you're in the same boat (and I suspect many of you are) then I have some tabletop gift suggestions that are not only practical but beautiful as well. And if you're a soon-to-be-bride, then you may want to add some of these useful items to your registry!

I recently had the opportunity to test a few products from Pottery Barn's tabletop collection, and I've completely fallen in love with the entire Antique Silver Sentiments line. I'm most drawn to these because they have the look and feel of heirloom silver. They are substantial pieces without being too weighty and look as though they've received years of polish and care.

Do you know what I usually go straight for when purchasing from a registry? Flatware. It's just so practical. I love how the Antique Sentiments Flatware has the look of silverware that has been passed down for generations. A lovely little addition to a flatware gift is a set of napkins. The Wheaton Stripe Napkins featured here are so classic. I've used them for the past month regularly and they launder in cold water beautifully (which is my most important test!).

One thing I always, ALWAYS, have on the table at family dinners is a big pitcher of ice water. The Antique Silver Sentiment Pitcher is so useful, and it practically looks like a trophy sitting on the buffet. I usually put away my pitchers when not in use, but this one is displayed prominently on my bar cart.

My usual method of adding salt to a dish is from a salt cellar. I prefer it to salt shakers, but it's just not as practical to pass around at the table. These salt and pepper shakers are so lovely and durable. They have sterling silver tops made for longevity.

My favorite piece of all is the Antique Silver Tiered Stand, which for me serves as a very useful dessert display and makes a most attractive centerpiece. It's firmly built so there's no chance of it tipping over when loaded with food.

This post could have very well been called 'What I Wish I'd Asked For' on my own bridal registry 13 years ago. Some of my choices were practical, but others - not so much. I remember asking for (and receiving) a tabletop rotisserie oven which I only used once, ever! It was ugly and awkward on my counter top. I would have gladly traded it for any of the useful tabletop items featured here, as I'm sure any new bride would appreciate!

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn, but the opinions of the products are my own. I only recommend products and services that I've had the chance to use personally, and that I think will benefit my readers. xo -h
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  1. We are celebrating our 36th next month. I think we should be able to reregister for new stuff. I'm in love with this silverware

    1. That's pretty amazing, Paula! I agree about registering again, and you totally deserve it after 36 years. xo

  2. Wow nice gift I ever seen. Liked it.

  3. Amazing and super ideas. Loved it.


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