Mixtape Cookies for The Etsy Blog!

Here's something totally retro for your valentine this year- mixtape cookies!

Back  in the day mixtapes were the easiest way to communicate your feelings to your beloved without having to say a word. I mean, why even try to articulate your affection when David Bowie or Duran Duran could do it so much better? These homemade music compilations have since been replaced with playlists on Spotify and iTunes, but nothing can replace the experience of recording a mixtape. The time and effort it took to orchestrate the perfect audio love letter is what gave it so much value, and makes it so nostalgic for people who still love the 80's and 90's (like me!).

These cookies start with my favorite dark chocolate sugar cookie dough. You'll need a wide straw to make holes in the dough, so pick up an extra one on your next smoothie or boba tea run.

Remember the Stranger Things cake I made last year? Back then I experimented using actual audio cassette tapes to make a lookalike for the cake decoration. The technique works pretty well! If you try it, be sure you use a new cassette tape (they are still sold on Amazon) or clean your old-school cassettes thoroughly.

Food color markers and edible frosting sheets make a realistic-looking cassette label! You can find the fine-tipped food color markers for purchase here.

Hop on over to the Etsy Blog for the recipe, loads of pictures and instructions. You can also find a printable template for the cassette tape labels which makes decorating easy!

Make Your Valentine a Mixtape (Cookie)

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  1. I just can't get over how real these look!

  2. I was going to make cupcakes with a cassette decoration for an upcoming birthday party. (my 50th:)) But now I want to make these cookies and lay them on the cupcake stand I made out of record albums. They will look awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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