Gift This! Sprinkle Stocking Sugar Cookies

There are only a few days to go before Christmas, but the cookie-making is still going strong here! These are so easy to decorate because you don't even have to make frosting. The embellishing is done with a light brush of corn syrup on the cookies and then they get dipped in rainbow nonpareils (my #1 favorite of all the sprinkles!).

You'll start with almond-scented sugar cookie dough and a stocking cookie cutter. If you don't have a stocking cutter then use whatever you have on hand. Now that I think about it, rainbow sprinkle reindeer would be pretty darn cute!

Paint the corn syrup onto the stocking foot just within 1/2 inch of the top (cuff). Dip the cookie into rainbow sprinkles and - voila! Instant decoration! Allow the dipped cookies to dry before adding the white nonpareil cuff.

To make the cuff of the stocking look fluffy, you'll paint on a light layer of syrup and dip it once in white sprinkles; allow to dry for a moment or two. Paint over the white nonpareils with corn syrup and dip in white sprinkles a second time.

The cookies will need to stand for an hour or so before they are completely set. After they're all dry you can package them up for giving. I think they look so cute in a large mouth canning jar so you can see all the colorful sprinkles.

I'm tempted to wrap some of these up for our anonymous gift exchange on Christmas Eve, but I'm afraid it would be too easy to guess that they came from me!

I developed this recipe for the American Butter Institute, and the recipe lives on their website Go Bold With Butter.

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  1. These are just too cute!


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