Gift This! Salty Almond Symphony Chocolates

My best friend usually gets me a box of fancy chocolates each year for Christmas. It's such a thoughtful and pretty gift. There's always an assortment of shapes and flavors, and I love looking at them almost as much as I love eating them.

I decided to try my hand at making chocolates with a magnetic mold and chocolate transfer sheet. Both are used by professional chocolatiers and together they create the most gorgeous little bites.

If you have a budding chocolatier or confectioner in your family then they might appreciate getting a magnetic chocolate mold and a few pretty transfer sheets for Christmas. I've really enjoyed using them because the work is simple: cut a transfer sheet to size, place it in the mold and attach the magnetic sheet. All that's left is to fill the cavities with chocolate!

These chocolates contain just two ingredients: chocolate melting wafers and roasted salted almonds. I love using Ghiradelli chocolate wafers because they mold well and you don't have to temper the chocolate to get a beautiful end result. If you like the snap that tempering gives chocolate, then you can find my tempering tutorial here.

If you don't plan on buying a chocolate mold or transfer sheets you can still make a version of these. Just stir the melted chocolate and salty almonds together and spoon the mixture into mini cupcake liners. You could also make salty almond bark by spreading the mixture across a baking sheet and then breaking it into pieces.

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Last year's sixteenth day advent recipe was 

Salty Almond Symphony Chocolates
Yields about 2 dozen chocolates

You’ll need a magnetic chocolate mold and a chocolate transfer sheet to make these chocolates. See notes for chocolate cups directions.

10 oz. Ghiradelli dark chocolate melting wafers
1/2 cup salted roasted almonds, chopped
Chocolate transfer sheet

Prepare the chocolate mold by removing the magnetic sheet. Cut the chocolate transfer sheet to fit the inside of the mold (you can use the metal sheet for this). Place the sheet in the mold with the matte design side-down. Snap the magnetic piece back into the mold so that it holds the transfer sheet secure.

Melt the chocolate wafers over low heat in a saucepan on the stovetop. Stir until melted and smooth. Fold in the almonds. Transfer the mixture to a piping bag. Cut a hole in the tip large enough for the chopped almonds to pass through. Pipe the chocolate mixture into the cavities. Use an offset spatula to smooth the top and remove excess chocolate. Gently tap the mold on the table once or twice to remove air bubbles. Transfer the mold to the freezer and chill until firm.

Remove the metal sheet from the mold and tap it once on a work surface so that the chocolates release. Place chocolates in mini cupcake liners for serving, or place them in a pretty box for gift-giving.

Heather’s notes: The chocolate and almond mixture can be spooned into mini cupcake liners if you don’t have a chocolate mold. You can also spread it across a baking sheet to make salty almond bark.

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  1. love how easy these are! tried making filled chocolates last christmas, and there was just sugar and mess everywhere.

  2. These look very elegant and would be a great gift, or even just to make to serve at home.

  3. Wow these chocolate are insanely gorgeous!! :D

  4. These look fabulous. Can you post a link for purchasing the magnetic molds and the chocolate transfer sheets? Thanks!

    1. Hi! In the second paragraph of the blog post the magnetic mold and transfer sheets are linked. I'll post them below in case you have trouble accessing them on your device.



  5. These are so beautiful and a great idea for gifting :) thanks for the idea!


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