Rainbow Cookies for The Etsy Blog!

Heck! It's summer and I've been doing stuff.

New projects are happening, which is always good.  I've been baking every single day for two weeks straight and doing the most dishes ever, ever, ever. I've also been trying to keep myself and two little pugs cool while playing outdoors, which  means cool collars for them and lots of frozen treats for me (the Tropical Sherbet Cake is almost gone - send help!).

I've also been making cookie dough in ROY G BIV colors, which is a happy thing to do and I highly recommend trying it. Especially if you need to turn a frown upside-down.  

Hop over to The Etsy Blog for a complete pictorial on the cookie-making process. It's not as difficult as you might expect! Once you have the cookie dough tinted and rolled, you can store it in the freezer until you're ready to slice-and-bake!

DIY Rainbow Cookies

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  1. Just seeing these made me smile, looks so pretty!

  2. WOW. Genuinely beaming from ear to ear...what happy little balls of goodness!! Mine would definitely not look like this though ha ha....

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

  3. Those are so pretty! I love the bright colors!


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