Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles

Happy almost Valentine's Day! Are you celebrating this year? I tend to forgo the focus on romantic love and go for a more inclusive attitude. I think Valentine's Day should celebrate all kinds of love! I'll probably call my mom and my best friend, and Mr. Baird and I will watch Netflix or Animal Planet with the pugs. And you know what? That will be a perfect Valentine's Day for me.

One thing that I never skip on Valentine's Day is chocolate (no surprise there!).  I recently whipped up a batch of Grand Marnier truffles for the Better Homes and Gardens blog. They are so easy to make and a lovely homespun gift for your Valentine (or yourself). Click over for the how-to and printable recipe!

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  1. These look amazing and utterly delicious. I agree Valentine's Day shoupdate be about celebrating everyone that we love. Great Post. Sammie.

  2. Wow love!
    Great shape too ;)


  3. Definitely Valentine's Day should be about all the love we have in our world! i'll be spending it with my friends eating chocolate peanut butter cookies and watching chick flicks. These look incredible by the way, the candied orange on top just completes it!

  4. Heavenly! I love Grand Marnier.




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