Adorable Acorn Cookies for the Etsy Blog!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely autumn and baking up a storm. I've been a busy baker myself, finding inspiration in steaming mugs of cider, leathery fallen leaves and watching scant snow flurries dance around in the porch light.

I love finding inspiration close to home, and these acorn cookies were inspired by a hop over the fence and a walk through the woods behind our house. They're super easy to make and so season-appropriate. If you have little ones, they'll love helping you add "caps" to the acorns.

You can find the recipe along with step-by-step instructions here on the Etsy blog.

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  1. Adorable Acorns! And we can eat them?! You rock! Thanks!

  2. Cocoa nibs and pumpkin seeds? You are brilliant, friend! I hate using this word but these acorns are PRECIOUS! I have everything I need for these, think I'm going to make these to take to Thanksgiving dinner! Our family totem is the squirrel - so apropos!

  3. Oh this is só só cute! It's brilliant. Too adorable to eat.

  4. Hey Heather,
    So yummy acorns!! Hats off for your creativity :)

  5. I made these this morning to go with my forest friendly baskets (inspired by you) I'm making this holiday. I added some disco dust I had left over from the cotton candy meringues, and it turned my forest baskets into a magical fairyland! I LOVE these acorns so much. thank you so much for inspiring me. You have helped make me a happier, more creative, and super fun baker!

  6. Oh, that's music to my ears! Thank you so much Tammy. Your acorns sound beautiful and your forest baskets, absolutely MAGICAL!

    Happy Winter! xoxo

  7. question- I just discovered your recipe via Etsy, how long do you think these will keep? In other words, how far in advance can I make them?

    1. Meringue cookies are very sensitive to humidity, so they have the best chance of longevity if made on a dry day, stored air-tight and kept at room temp. You could make them a couple of days under those conditions. Thanks for asking!


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