National Coffee Day is next week on September 29th and since I'm truly passionate about good coffee, I wanted to make something special for the occasion in advance. Cue this Wicked Espresso Cake, a.k.a. any coffee lover's dream come true! It's a towering confection built with six espresso-infused cake layers, filled with coffee crème légère, and frosted with chocolate-espresso French buttercream. Sounds pretty good, yes? Not only is it crazy town delicious, this cake has another purpose!

I'm just about ready to break out the pumpkin-spice treats, but before I dive headfirst into all things autumn, I want to share what I consider to be an evergreen favorite - Cookies and Cream Cheesecake! This version is no-bake, so it's easier to prepare than traditional cheesecakes. It's also a chilly bite on a hot day, and since we're still waiting for fall weather to arrive here in the south, it has been a well-received refreshment.
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