Like clockwork, spring brings us a new routine. The pugs are spending all of their time sniffing new blooms and basking on the sunny patio. My better half manicures the lawn so we can enjoy impromptu and hilariously awkward badminton matches. I am prone to steal away moments for garden seed catalogue-browsing. Even my baking has taken on new energy as I look for bright colors and flavors to wake up sleepy winter taste buds.

I recently tested this recipe for strawberry-banana cupcakes and loved their fruity sweetness. They're made with fresh strawberries which is a lovely way to enjoy the harvest of late spring, when berries are at their best.

The media buzz is ever increasing as the royal wedding on May 19th draws near. It seems everyone is interested to know what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day might be like. As for me, I'm intrigued to know about just one thing - the royal wedding cake!

Thanks to announcements from Kensington Palace, we know the chosen wedding cake baker is Chef Claire Ptak of Violet, a UK-based bakery. We also know the official cake flavors are lemon-elderflower, which were chosen to evoke the essence of springtime.
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