Four Quick and Easy Easter Treats for HGTV!

Easter is this Sunday, which seems a little soon if you ask me! I’ve been shining my stemware for our holiday dinner and adding pots of greenery to brighten rooms. There’s much to do, and time is of the essence! That’s why I’m eager to share these treats with you. If you can melt chocolate in the microwave or on the stove-top then you can make all of these treats. They’re a quick fix and bound to bring plenty of smiles to your table.

All of these treats are part of a spring workshop I taught at HGTV headquarters. I always feel super lucky when I’m asked to do this, because I get to be around so many creative people! Their blog editors are always in attendance and I learn something new each time I visit (even though I’m supposed to be the teacher!).

First up – these Peanut Butter Cup Chicks! They are made with mini Reese’s eggs, which are a guilty pleasure of mine. For the chick makeover, you’ll need yellow candy melts and few assorted sprinkles.

You can find the instructions for Peanut Butter Cup Chicks with step-by-step pictures HERE on

Next, Bunny Bottom Bark! (Say that three times fast, hehe.) I’ve seen all kinds of versions of bunny bottoms – cakes, cookies, cupcakes – you name it! We came up with a cute version made with marshmallows and candy melts. Even if you don’t make the bunny bottom shapes, the bark is delicious and colorful, and can be cut into pieces for serving.

Find the recipe and step-by-step pictures for Bunny Bottom Bark HERE on

Carrot Cake Truffle Pops are so delicious, and you can greatly shortcut this recipe by picking up a ready-made carrot cake from your local bakery.

Find the recipe and step-by-step pictures for Carrot Cake Truffle Pops HERE on

The last treat, and perhaps my favorite – these Fluffy Lamb Cookies! I couldn’t resist giving them a bright royal icing flower to wear (those blooms are ready made, by the way!).

Find the recipe and step-by-step pictures for Lamb-Shaped Cookies HERE on

We really enjoyed making – and eating– this collection of treats! Kids will love them, and you may want to get them involved. Assembling marhsmallow bunny feet or creating chick faces with sprinkles are fun for little hands!

Happy Spring!

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6 years ago

I love this recipe, simple and delicious.

6 years ago

ive see lots of similar pics online for these but no tutorial on how to make them especially the Sheep! great job love this post