Easter is this Sunday, which seems a little soon if you ask me! I've been shining my stemware for our holiday dinner and adding pots of greenery to brighten rooms. There's much to do, and time is of the essence! That's why I'm eager to share these treats with you. If you can melt chocolate in the microwave or on the stove-top then you can make all of these treats. They're a quick fix and bound to bring plenty of smiles to your table.

All of these treats are part of a spring workshop I taught at HGTV headquarters. I always feel super lucky when I'm asked to do this, because I get to be around so many creative people! Their blog editors are always in attendance and I learn something new each time I visit (even though I'm supposed to be the teacher!).

It's no secret that my favorite thing to bake in the whole wide world is birthday cake. I get hyper-focused on flavors and aesthetics so I can deliver something the recipient will truly love. So, needless to say, I was SUPER excited to be asked to create a cake in honor of Reese Witherspoon's birthday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I made these cuties with today in mind, but if you're like me, marshmallow cereal treats are year-round favorites. I especially love those magically delicious marshmallow bits in Lucky Charms cereal so these didn't last long at all!

Two years ago my husband gave me a beautiful Swiss-made fondue pot as an anniversary gift. It's now one of my most loved possessions because it sparked a full-blown obsession with all things fondue. My first foray involved bubbling up Emmental, Gruyere and a bit of white wine which was delicious to eat and entertaining to share. Soon after, dessert fondues became a regular after-dinner event, although we didn't always have company to entertain. 

Returning to a place of normalcy after moving house has been much harder than I expected! We've unboxed what is essentially the past ten years of our lives in just a few weeks. We've donated more than half of our wardrobes for a mindful restart. We've been exploring the quirks of our circa 1930 home, discovering beautiful old doors in the basement and flipping light switches that don't seem to turn anything on (ha!). It's been an adventure, and one that requires a batch of homemade cookies to smooth ragged edges and make somewhere new feel familiar.

Hello, it's been too long! Major things have happened since last we met here. We moved into a new house and all my cake-ing and baking supplies moved into their own little studio. I've spent the last month sprucing it up (see here) and now I'm ready to start using it for all it's worth! Honestly, I feel like one of those toy cars that you pull back in order to wind up, and when you let go it races full speed ahead. I am that kind of ready!

This spiced pear tart with crisp filo crust proved to be a nice way to ease back into things. It's a quick fix, and with its crinkled edges it's a rustic beauty. Winter citrus is still available to keep our spirits buoyant, so I couldn't resist adding a few blood orange slices on top.
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