November is officially pie month at my house which means I'm testing new recipes and putting a fresh spin on old favorites, like pecan pie! It's always the first to yield an empty pie pan at our Thanksgiving dinner. This version is my favorite so far, and if you're a pie purist it could be your new favorite, too.

If you're cozying up to some weekend kitchen adventures then I'd like to recommend a recent favorite that is so season appropriate! Pumpkin spice caramels are so soft and buttery, it's almost impossible to eat just one. I'll be making my third batch soon, and since this recipe yields a high quantity  I plan to portion them into bags for Thanksgiving take-home treats.

Thanksgiving is Mother's favorite holiday, and like clockwork on the first day of November we receive our invitation to her feast. I'm the desserts-bringer and each year I try to think up something a little different and unexpected. This Swiss roll fits my criteria of 1.) delicious 2.) season-appropriate, and 3.) looks pretty on the dessert buffet.
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