Caramel Pecan French Toasted Angel Food Cake

Who doesn't love bread fried in butter - right? French toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods (second only to Belgian waffles) and I especially enjoy thinking up new ways to serve it.

This recipe is so easy because you start with ready-made angel food cake. It gets the complete French toast treatment with a dip in whisked eggs, then it is sizzled golden brown in a well-buttered frying pan. I finished the cake with homemade caramel sauce and chopped pecans, which makes it truly decadent and fair game for an after dinner sweet treat!

Angel food cake is especially good for French-toasting because it's springy and sturdy. It holds up well to dipping and frying. If you're a purist, homemade angel food cake can be used, but I've found that most grocery store versions are more than adequate.

The egg mixture is slightly sweet with the addition of a litttle sugar and whole milk. Dip quickly! You don't want too much egg soaking into the cake.

Fry each sliced piece on all sides. 
(Here's where I wish you could smell the toasty aroma of angel food cake frying in butter - swoon!)

Use as much or as little homemade caramel sauce as you'd like. I went 'all in' with a generous amount and plenty of chopped pecans. You can also add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon on top, which is one of my favorite French toast toppings.

I developed this recipe for the American Butter Institute, and the recipe lives on their website Go Bold With Butter.

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  1. Dio mio... deve essere divino cosa darei ora per affondare la mia boccuccia in un piccolo pezzetto.
    Ciao michy

  2. This looks amazing and might just have to happen in my kitchen right now.

  3. Oh yum! I love breakfasts that can be desserts, and vice versa. This looks perfect!


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