This recipe is based on a carrot cake formula I learned in my 'Batter-Based Cakes' pastry class. It makes a single 8-inch round cake covered in thick cream cheese frosting, which, at my house is just enough for company with no leftovers. I like that!

Summer’s heat makes me lazy in my bones. That’s why ice pops are quickly becoming my favorite warm weather treat. These Strawberry Milk Ice Pops are so quick to make (nostalgic, too!) and the recipe only uses five ingredients. 

There's no better way to revel in peach season than with a big 'ol skillet of cobbler.  Add a scoop of ice cream and a front porch swing, and you've got summer's quintessential southern dessert.

Peaches are among the most fragile of the stone fruits which means they are difficult to ship and store. What I'm trying to say is, enjoy all you can right now because they are best during summer months and even better when they are harvested locally.

Heck! It's summer and I've been doing stuff.

New projects are happening, which is always good.  I've been baking every single day for two weeks straight and doing the most dishes ever, ever, ever. I've also been trying to keep myself and two little pugs cool while playing outdoors, which  means cool collars for them and lots of frozen treats for me (the Tropical Sherbet Cake is almost gone - send help!).

I've also been making cookie dough in ROY G BIV colors, which is a happy thing to do and I highly recommend trying it. Especially if you need to turn a frown upside-down.  

I have a feeling this weekend will be busy for many of us. First of all, Sunday is Father's Day. We have a cookout planned with all the fixin's and plenty of family members on the guest list. Secondly, it's going to be sunny and hot (and humid, as I've mentioned previously). Outdoor work and play will need a proper remedy, which means keeping hydrated and cooling off with frosty treats. That's why I decided to make this Tropical Sherbet Cake. It's so refreshing, like air conditioning on a cake stand!

The first day of summer is still a few days away, but if you ask me, it's already here! It's not only hot here in the southern US, it's humid. That means going outside feels like you're wearing a steaming wet towel on your face. It's hard to breathe. Ice cream helps.

We recently celebrated the anniversary of Churro's adoption day with puppy doughnuts, new squeaky toys and lots of hugs. We usually try to celebrate in some small way because he's such a joy to us (plus he's an old guy and he totally deserves a party!). You may remember me telling you just how much we love him in this previous post. He certainly has changed our hearts and home for the better!

Say hello to my new favorite summertime dessert! This icebox cake is no-bake and uses only five ingredients. You can throw it together in about 15 minutes and after a short chill in the refrigerator it's ready to be enjoyed. You can top it with any kind of berry or fresh fruit that strikes your fancy, but right now is a great time to take advantage of all the bright red, fat, sweet strawberries that line the shelves of grocery stores and farmer's markets tables alike.

Here's a dose of happy color for your Friday! I love rainbow cakes, so I was surprised to realize that I'd never made a rainbow layer cake for this blog. I've made Rainbow Frosted Cupcakes and Lemony Rainbow Checkerboard Cake, but somehow the original version has eluded my recipe index.

Hopefully I've made up for the exclusion (in spades!) with this cake's interior and exterior rainbow colors.

Have you heard of Fairy Houses yet? They are tiny structures reportedly built by resourceful fairies with found objects from nature. I absolutely love all of the creative versions I see popping up online, and I've seen a few that make me wish I could shrink myself down to scale so I could take up residence.
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