Boy, what a month! I didn't intend to take a 23 day break from blogging, it just happened. Life happened. I got sick with an awful stomach ailment, but luckily it was treatable and I'm getting right back on track. All that down time has made me realize how much I love what I do. I really missed having my private (Zen) time in the kitchen and I officially feel overdosed on junk TV shows from having been on the couch for so long. Now that I'm well, I want to bake ALL THE THINGS!

So. Let's talk about this coffee house-worthy cheesecake!

Hello May!  Warm weather means we get to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like gardening and biking and just letting the sun shine on our faces in general (with some SPF 30 involved, of course!). This is the time of year that I most enjoy making lightened up sweets that won't weigh me down. These little cheesecake shots are small but mighty; rich and tart with key lime juice and packed with vitamin C.
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