Unicorn Food

I've been seeing all kinds of unicorn-themed treats popping up on food blogs, and I love them all! They tend to be bright with eye-popping rainbow colors and with copious amounts of sprinkles. That sounds right up my alley!

I decided to make 'Unicorn Food' which gives me an excuse to combine all of my favorite colorful candies into one big snack mix. There's no baking or real work involved, and I debated on whether this even warranted a blog post, but just looking at all that color made me smile more than once. That made me decide it was post-worthy, and hopefully it will make you smile too.

What do unicorns eat? Only the most magical candy in all the land! My Unicorn Food mix contains iridescent hearts, candy stars, sprinkle-covered gumdrops, rainbow candy-coated sunflower seeds, gummy bears, jimmies and rainbow nonpareils.

You'll find my recipe below with links to all the candies I used, but this mix can be endlessly varied to include your favorite candies. Next time I'd like to include mini marshmallows or rainbow licorice laces. I'm sure you probably have lots of great ideas for Unicorn Food (and I'll take any suggestions in the comments!).

I found the small galvanized buckets here, and they reminded me of the feeding troughs my grandparents used to have on their farm. I think they'd make a cute display for a unicorn-themed birthday party. The unicorn figurine (I named him Blue Boy), can be found here.

Unicorn Food
(Candy Party Mix)
Yields 25 servings

2/3 cup (two 2.82 oz. packages) sprinkle-coated gumdrops (Gelatines)
2/3 cup (5.5 oz.) pastel shimmer candy hearts
2/3 cup (3 oz.) star confetti sprinkles (I used Bakerella's)
2/3 cup (2.5 oz.) rainbow jimmies
2/3 cup (5 oz.) rainbow candy-coated sunflower seeds
1 2/3 cup (10 oz.) gummy bears (I love Albanese brand!)
2 tablespoons rainbow nonpareils

Combine all ingredients in a large zip-top bag. Turn sealed the bag over several times to mix the candy. Display in small galvanized buckets or place in colorful cellophane bags.

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  1. Yummy yummy! this looks so good!

  2. Oh heather I am so disappointed. First it was Nigella telling me how to 'smash' an avacado on toast, now you are instructing me how to mix candy. C'mon please have more respect for your fans.

    1. Bruce, It's my job to put my inspiration on this blog. That's what I did today. I'm sorry you felt the need to publicly scold me.

  3. My birthday is in 2 weeks and ive been having trouble deciding what kind of cake i want to make myself. Your unicorn food looks so pretty that i want to make some and cover my cake with it, now i just need to decide on a flavour for the cake...
    Thanks for the inspired idea Heather

  4. Hello Heather, I am sorry Bruce was so rude!! I actually needed to 'see' this in order to make it. Thank you from those of us that need that bit of inspiration!! You're blog is the best!!!

  5. I think this is your blog and you can post whatever you want. It certainly isn't as challenging as some of your other offerings but it wasn't meant to be! It's lighthearted and fun! Enjoyed it!

  6. Your work is so beautiful! I just imagine that all food bloggers have homes full of their beautifully lit photos in gorgeous frames all over the house! This makes me want to cover truffles in sprinkles! :)

  7. While Bruce is entitled to his opinion, but like all things, it is all in the delivery! People should realize how much work it actually takes to create something, from concept to post editing. I admire everything you post. i am pleased that you voiced your opinion. Stay awesome Heather!

  8. "Don't bring me doooooowwwwwn.... BRRRRUUUUUUUCE." Said ELO and every. Fan. Of. SprinkleBakes.

  9. Heather, This is so clever and I love it! I've never heard of/seen sprinkle coated gumdrops! Woo hoo for your brilliance! XOXO!

  10. Anything covered in sprinkles makes me happy. So colourful.

  11. I'm no unicorn, but I'd totally eat this if I had some right now ...

  12. This is BEAUTIFUL!! It makes me happy just looking at it. I think sometimes there are people in this world who forget...that bringing a smile to someone's face holds a lot of value. Everything you touch makes the world prettier. xo

  13. Next Stop (for me at least): Unicorn Bark - all of this colorful goodness on a sheet of white chocolate - yum!


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