By now you probably know that I love retro recipes. This one was inspired by a recipe in a spiral-bound 1963 cookbook called 'Joys of Jello'. It was given to me by Oscar, a friend of the family who just turned 91 years old. I feel lucky that he chose me to inherit some of his late wife's cookbooks and recipes.  I intend to put them all to good use!

How fun are these Coloring Book Cookies? (Coloring Bookies? Ha!) Yes - you can actually color these cookies with food color markers and eat them! Adult coloring books are hugely popular right now, and I never knew exactly how popular until I discovered that even my mother had a set of fancy markers and a coloring book of her own.

Guess who is ready for a picnic? ME! Sunny days are here at last, and it's made our little family stretch toward the light like flowers. We've been letting the pugs explore uncharted territory (the unsullied front yard) and going on long car rides with our sunglasses on. This kind of mild weather makes me long for a simple kind of picnic; cheese sandwiches, crunchy veggies with dip and portable lemon pie in jars.

Confession: I'm the girl in the froyo line that swipes all the mochi toppings. There's just something about that bouncy marshmallow texture that I can't resist. If you're unfamiliar, mochi is a Japanese rice confection that's slightly sweet and chewy. You can eat it plain or chopped into pieces for a sundae topping. It is often filled with sweet red bean paste, but I love eating it wrapped around strawberries and scoops of ice cream.

Are you busy stuffing plastic grass-filled baskets and dyeing Easter eggs? Tis the season! I must admit I've not dipped the first egg into colorful vinegar-scented cups, but I have been otherwise occupied making these sprinkled egg cookies. They are so fun and couldn't be easier to decorate.

I've you're a true coconut lover, this is your cupcake!

I first made coconut ice candy about eight years ago when I was just beginning to blog. It's a dense coconut confection with pink and white layers. The candy is pressed into a baking dish, and then it's chilled and cut into squares, much like fudge. I've always considered it to be a pretty candy, and recently I had the idea to use it for a garnish atop coconut cupcakes.

Easter is on the horizon, and I've been celebrating early by eating chocolate bunnies and buying jellybeans in bulk. I think spring-themed candy just the prettiest. I'm tempted to string a few speckled malted milk eggs on ribbon and wear them as jewelry.

This piñata is my way of celebrating the vibrant candy of the season. In fact, it's a giant piece of candy itself! I made it using vanilla royal icing and edible wafer paper. It's pretty easy to make (albeit a tad messy) and a fun interactive centerpiece.

We're still a couple of weeks away from Saint Patrick's Day but I'm already digging through recipes for this year's dinner menu. So far I've settled on potato and leek soup with Irish soda bread and these SUPER easy Guinness brownies for dessert!

Here's something that may raise a few eyebrows - candy terrariums! These garden lookalikes are completely edible (aside from their containers and plastic deer decor). The bottom layer is made of candy-coated chocolate rocks, the second layer is crunchy cacao nibs, and the third layer of 'potting soil' is made of crumbled chocolate cupcakes.

My husband calls me 'Breakfast Princess' and although that sounds like a cute pet name, he's really referring to the fact that I make breakfast for dinner about 3 times a week. Sometimes I make a quick healthy version of breakfast and other times I go all out. Many nights we have puffy Belgian waffles, and that's what inspired this cake!
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