Three butter cake layers make up this donut-inspired confection, complete with colorful glaze and rainbow sprinkles. It's sure to bring smiles at any party!

Triple Stack Donut Cake

This past week has been filled with the deliberate business of comparing flooring samples, cabinet colors and counter tops for the kitchen remodel. The whole thing feels foreign to me; too serious, too adult. To balance out all of that grown-up stuff, I decided to create a cake that would bring genuine childlike joy to my face - extra sprinkles, please!

Behold the Triple Stack Donut Cake. It's big on fun and it's too easy to make! It's basically three giant butter cake donuts with the usual donut glaze and rainbow sprinkles. I've been mulling over the idea of a giant donut cake ever since I purchased a Savarin pan. I've yet to use the pan for its intended purpose, but I'll get around to it eventually.

I'm getting back into the swing of things after a mini hiatus from blogging. We're in the beginning stages of a kitchen remodel (!!!) which makes me all kinds of excited and nervous. The 'excited' part is easy to explain. I'm eager for my small kitchen to grow and become more user-friendly. I'm not really sure what all that entails right now. The only real direction I've given the kitchen designer is that whatever goes in - cabinets, appliances, flooring - must be able to take a beating. I'm awfully rough on everything in the kitchen. The current state of my cabinetry and appliances tells the tale.

I am also anxious. I can't remember a time when I've had so many decisions to make! As far as putting all the components together - I'm lost. At this point, I wish I had two options and I could just point at one and say - 'that'. I'm not even sure I deserve so many options. Luckily our kitchen designer is good at hand-holding. I'll definitely be documenting the process here on the blog in case any of you are planning on a kitchen update.

Now, this dessert! I'm a cool weather-loving gal, so I'm doing my best to enjoy these hot days of late summer as much as possible. That means lots of ice cream and other chilly treats like this luscious lime soufflé. It's all at once light and rich. It's something that deserves to be eaten under a sun umbrella or on the back patio.
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