5 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas with Fruit Snacks

Hello and Happy Friday, friends!

I don't have a new recipe for you today but I do have some really neat cake decorating techniques for those who avoid the piping bag altogether. If this sounds like you, then check out this article I wrote for BettyCrocker.com. It's so easy, even the kiddos can help!

One more thing before I close! As you may know from the image in the side bar, this site was chosen as Best Baking Blog (Editor's Choice) by Better Homes and Gardens. If you pick up a copy of the July issue, you may spot a familiar cake on page 8! 

I hope everyone has a sunny weekend, and to ensure it gets off to a sweet start, here is a picture of my dog with his chin resting on a giant jar of sprinkles.


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  1. All of them are cute... how adorable is the dog :)


  2. Congrats on your award!! Also, that fox cake is stinkin' cute!!!! You're so creative!!

  3. OK how amazing are all these ideas using those fruity snacks? Like, amazing. Congratulations on being editor’s choice too, that’s fantastic. And your dog is way too cute, but the real question is on how I can go pick me up a mahoosive jar of sprinkles like that?!

  4. These cakes are so pretty and whimsical, Heather! I especially love the fruit roll up bunting...edible bunting is definitely better than one with paper and straws (: Congrats on being featured in BHG!

  5. Love them all! Especially the bunting and the letters. How did the fruit snacks hold up on the buttercream over time? And congratulations on your BHG feature! Well deserved!

  6. i love the bow idea! it sounds so simple, but it still looks classy (:

  7. Wow this cake is looking super delicious thank you for sharing your blog


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