It's hard to believe we're saying goodbye to January already! It's completely passed me by. I've spent this cold month scribbling in recipe journals with red velvet cake batter on my elbows. And in my hair. And on my dog. (Sorry Biscuit.)

Much of this month went toward styling, shooting and re-shooting book recipes, drinking coffee and Emergen-C, and doing the most dishes ever, ever, ever.  It's a month that made me wear all my socks at once (brrrr!).

It's been a busy two and one-half weeks since I last posted, and I've missed you terribly! Those of you that keep up with me on Instagram or Facebook know that during this time I made a great big red velvet groom's cake with a cute little crabby topper. What a job! But it was so much fun, and I'd like to extend a thank you to those of you who rooted me on. Those typed words look extra small to me today, but just know that your encouragement really carried me through. Big virtual hugs!

I'm getting back in the swing of things with, what else - more cake! I've got a serious crush on rainbow cakes of all kinds, but I wanted to make something a little less expected. I considered making another Battenberg Cake (only in rainbow colors and much bigger) but I decided against it when I saw this gorgeous cake.

News flash! You don't need a special pan to make a checkerboard cake. You just need a couple of circle templates - you could even use a cereal bowl and a bottle cap as make-shift guides.

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