This year my Christmas candy wishlist is bigger than ever!  It's making a real mess of things in my kitchen, but in the end those dirty dishes are usually worth it.  Of course, if I had my preference every candy recipe would be just like this one - easy, delicious, and my kitchen didn't suffer any turmoil.  And it's a seasonal favorite to boot!

I mixed these up in five minutes flat, and in about five more I had them all rolled out and stored in a tin. You can eat them immediately, but they improve upon standing. In about three days' time the boozy edge will mellow and the bourbon flavor will be more developed. I plan to make several batches ahead of time to give as Christmas gifts.

'Tis the season for poaching pears, my friends. It's cold here, and I've been spending my time stirring pots of simmering spices and sitting on the kitchen floor (book in hand) in front of my oven. It's my particular way of keeping warm, both physically and in spirit.

Something else that warms my soul - unexpected goodies sent from a friend traveling abroad. I squealed a little when I unwrapped the little matchbox of red-orange threads: saffron. It's one of the more magical items you can use in cooking, if you ask me. I mean, how can just a pinch yield such magnificent golden color? Magic.

Cheesecake is a dessert that everyone in my family loves. I turn to it for our annual gatherings more than any other sweet, and it never disappoints. This sweet potato version is a new favorite of mine. It's light and mild with a creamy texture rather than being tangy and dense (I'm looking at you New York cheesecake!).

I whipped up an easy pecan praline sauce to give it added texture and sweetness. In my opinion, the sauce really makes this dessert. The buttery brown sugar flavor contrasts perfectly with the mild sweetness of sweet potato.

Today I'm bringing you a special Hey YoYo giveaway! We're in the midst of holiday baking season, so it's a good time to stock up on baking essentialspartyware and pretty packaging. Wouldn't a $40 Hey YoYo gift certificate be nice to help out with that? Yes!

In addition, all Sprinkle Bakes readers shopping at Hey YoYo will receive a 20% discount by entering promo code sprinklebakes at checkout - something for everyone! I like it.

Before I get to the fairy bread party cake (which may be my favorite sprinkle cake, ever!) I have to tell you about these neat edible icing transfers. They meld right onto buttercream icing and make cupcakes look adorable. It's seriously the easiest cupcake decorating I've ever done! And I love how they match the rest of the Toot Sweet party line.

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