SprinkleBakes is Three! Birthday Cheesecake

Three is magic number.  Yes it is.  It's a magic number.  -Schoolhouse Rock

What a great three years it's been!

This past year has been so full of amazing opportunities and milestones, it's really made me step back and evaluate things - both with this blog and in my personal life. There's simply too much I want to do!  I want to keep creating beautiful desserts but I also want to start painting again.  I want to connect more with readers of this blog and with other bloggers. I want to spend more time with the people I love. I want my laundry pile to shrink. I want my bathroom to not look like a disaster area. I want to find two earrings that match.

See, this year has made me acutely aware of the balance I lack in a few areas of my life. My best friend calls me a professional plate spinner. I usually have so many things going on at once that I become extremely disorganized, my attention is divided and it's a miracle that anything gets done.  So, I've decided to end the madness and say goodbye to my day job.  It's a bittersweet decision to leave a job that I've had for nine years (and I adore my coworkers), but it's time.  I'm following my heart, and I'll be blogging full time beginning in November. I'm so excited for things to come!

Let's celebrate!

As for this cheesecake?  It's a little no-bake flavored with vanilla bean and all gussied up with buttercream and confetti sprinkles. I wanted to give a happy surprise when the cake is sliced, so I created pastel layers. Tinting and layering cheesecake was a first for me, but I really love the effect. I'll definitely try this again with different colors!

Birthday Cheesecake
Yield: One 6-inch cheesecake                                                            [click for printable version]

At my house birthdays = buttercream, but if you're not crazy about the idea then you may choose to cover this cheesecake with sweetened whipped cream. You'll find it easiest to cut partially frozen, and the remaining cake must be kept refrigerated.  
This is a small 6-inch cake, and I used three 6-inch springform pans to make the layers. It can be made in an 8-inch pan, but the layers of color will be much thinner. 
Special equipment: Three 6-inch spring-form pans. 

Line the three springform pans with a circle of parchment paper in the bottom.  Set aside

Graham crust:
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 tbsp. sugar
Pinch of salt
4 tbsp butter, melted
  1. Whisk together dry ingredients in a medium bowl. Pour in melted butter and stir until mixture resembles wet sand. 
  2. Press crust into the bottom of one of the lined spring-form pans. Set aside.

Vanilla bean cheesecake batter:
1 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup sugar
10 oz. cream cheese softened but still cold
2 tsp vanilla bean paste (vanilla extract can be used)
1 tsp powdered gelatin
1 tbsp cold water
  1. A few drops of each: red or pink liquid food coloring; blue food coloring; yellow food coloring
  2. Whip heavy cream in a stand mixer fitted with a whip attachment.  When mixture begins to thicken, gradually add the sugar. Whip to stiff peaks then switch to the paddle attachment. Add in cream cheese a little at a time until well incorporated.  Beat in vanilla.
  3. Sprinkle powdered gelatin over the cold water in a small microwaveable bowl. Wait 3-5 minutes until gelatin is absorbed.  Microwave mixture for 7-10 seconds, or until gelatin is completely melted.  Let cool slightly. Fold liquid gelatin mixture into the cheesecake batter.
  4. Divide cheesecake batter evenly into three bowls. Fold food coloring into the batters creating a blue, yellow and pink batter.  Pour the blue batter over crust.  Pour the yellow batter in a 6-inch pan and shake to level. Repeat with the pink layer.  Freeze layers solid.  They will be easiest to work with when completely frozen.
  5. Remove frozen layers from freezer and press a towel warmed with hot water around the edges of the pan to help release.  Remove the spring-form collars. Transfer blue layer with crust to a cake stand or serving plate. Invert the yellow layer over the blue layer and use a knife to coax the parchment paper off the spring-form base. Peel off parchment.  Repeat with pink layer. Smooth edges with an off-set spatula. Refrigerate cheesecake while you prepare the frosting. I recommend frosting the cake while it's still frozen/partially frozen.

Vanilla bean buttercream:
I used thick layer of buttercream on this cheesecake.  You can certainly half the amount in this recipe and still have plenty.

1 cup of unsalted butter, softened
2 ½ cups confectioners’ sugar - the finest you can find (usually 10x)
2 tsp. vanilla bean paste
Milk or heavy cream, optional
Confetti sprinkles
  1. In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, mix together the butter and confectioners’ sugar.  Begin mixing on low speed until crumbly, and then increase to high and beat for 3 minutes.
  2. Add vanilla bean paste and beat again for another minute until light and fluffy. Beat in food coloring a little at a time until the desired color is achieved. If you find the buttercream is too stiff, you may add milk or heavy cream 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture is spreading consistency.
  3. Frost cheesecake with buttercream using an off-set spatula.  Pipe stars along the top edge of the cake with Wilton star tip #2D, and then pipe an undulating border around the bottom edge using the same tip. 
  4. Sprinkle borders with confetti sprinkles. Refrigerate or store in freezer.  Slices are easiest to cut when cheesecake is partially frozen.  Serve slices chilled but not frozen.  Cheesecake batter is very soft at room temperature, so be sure to keep this cake chilled!

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  1. That cheesecake is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate...the godiva cheesecake from the cheesecake factory? omg. also oreo cheesecake is pretty awesome :)

  2. My favorite cheesecake is a milk and white chocolate ring cake. You make a batch of each kind of filling and then carefully pour a small puddle of each in the center of the pan and repeat again and again until you fill the pan. The result is a cake with a ring design which also tastes great! :)

  3. Recently, my best friend's mother made cheesecake for the first time, for my best friend's birthday (it's her absolute favorite) and, never having had homemade cheesecake before, it knocked my socks off. SO MUCH BETTER than prepackaged!!
    Now I really want to make some cheesecake... :D


  4. I love cheesecake. A favourite is a bit hard to pick though... I love classic NY style cheesecake, but also make a Chocolate Irish Cream cheesecake that is pretty awesome as well. Mmm... boozy one it is :)

  5. This cheesecake is super cute!! My favorite cheesecake is reece cup or oreo...YUMM!


  6. I have two favorites! My mom made a super simple one with a sour cream topping! Easy peasey and so good! The other blows the top off! With a pound and a half of cream cheese, whipping cream and baking in a bain marie! Yummo but hard to make! Love your site!

  7. Oreo cheesecake, who doesn't love Oreos?! Or going back to basics fresh strawberry cheesecake :))

  8. I am all about Caramel apple cheese cake, the ooey gooey combination of cream cheese and caramel with the slightly crispy bite of a green apple is one sinful combination! I adore your Birthday Cheesecake- how cute is that! Scarletluv1018@aol.com is my email!

  9. My favorite cheesecake is espresso cheesecake. Can't get enough of it!

  10. I know it's old and boring to some, but I still love the mini cheesecakes done in the cupcake tins with the v. wafer in the bottom.

  11. Your cheesecake looks so cute and whimsical! I loooove a good strawberry swirl cheesecake!


  12. I love cheesecake bars top with blueberries or melted chocolate. Less sinful treat than eating the whole cheesecake. Lol.

  13. The cake looks so pretty ...just wow ...I am not much of cheese cake pan but a mango cheese cake is always yum ...

  14. Heather - this looks amazing.

    My absolute all-time fav and the one I will be making for my mom's big 65th birthday (on October 6th) is your cherry-vanilla cake. She's going to love it!! THANK YOU ♥


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  16. I LOVE simple chocolate cheesecake or a new york style one. This cheesecake you made is so pretty! such eye candy! <333

    here's my email: winter.melora@gmail.com

    More power to you! I loooove your blog! <333

  17. I love any kinda of cake, cheese, chocolate, carrot, ANy! Lol please pick me - Dinna Crow - crowmail55@yahoo.com. Thank u

  18. That is the sweetest birthday cake ever!
    My FAVORITE cheesecake is the pineapple upside down cheesecake....orrrrr perhaps the chocolate turtle cheesecake....orrr maybe oreo raspberry swirl??? Nom nom nom....i better get to baking! :D


  19. Happy Blogiversary and to many more!

    This cheesecake is so pretty! I love it.



  20. Talking about cheesecake and a rainy day is going to equal baking. Ive never made one, so I'm thinking traditional but fluffy,maybe lemony with a blueberry sauce.

  21. I love any coffee/chocolate combination. mmm....


  22. This birthday cheesecake looks soooo good!! I've never seen anything like it! Well, one of my favorite cheesecakes is actually a pumpkin spice cheesecake sold by The Cheesecake Factory. I wait every year for it to be in season! I love everything pumpkin and spice! :)

  23. Happy Blog Birthday! Oh my GOODNESS that cheesecake is GORGEOUS! You have done so much in three years, what an inspiration you are! xoxo.

    Ps. I'm in love with a classic vanilla cheesecake. Plain, simple, perfect.

  24. I am loving the colors of the birthday cheesecake! My fave cheesecake is rasberry lemon! Those sweet tart flavors just do it for me!

    bradlaceygracie at yahoo dot com

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  26. I also have two favorite cheese cakes, that I honestly can't pick between. Maybe since it's fall but I can't get the thought of pumpkin cheesecake off of my brain!!! Every year at my Aunt's house she would make one for Thanksgiving, and no matter how much I ate of everything else, I would still "have room left" for a slice. The second is a lemon ricotta cheese cake.. The first time I made it, it didn't set right and we had to freeze it to try and get it less liquidy, but it was still sooo good!
    Love your blog! Happy "3rd" birthday :)

  27. I hit enter too soon - I meant to also say HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to SPRINKLEBAKES!!! xo

  28. That cheesecake is gorgeous! My favorite thus far has been cheesecake with brownie chunks in it! So rich and yummy!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. Your layered cheesecake is so cute! One of my favorites is Choc Chip Cheesecake. Another is a creamy crustless version with sour cream topping. Have to tell you too...I just got your book and am looking forward to discovering lots of fun yummy goodies.
    Thank you for this giveaway

  30. My favorite cheesecake is plain Jane no toppings! I love the flavor of a good cheesecake with graham cracker crust.

  31. Do you know about Brigadeiro?! Just imagine Brigadeiro Chessecake! Heaven!!
    Love love your your chessecake birthday!!

  32. My favorite cheesecake is the one my sister makes on sundays which has a delicious crust of speculoos and a sweet taste of orange blossom : miam ! :-)

  33. What a nice colored cheese cake you made!!!! My favourite cheese cake is made with Dulce de Leche. You can replace half of the cream with dulce de leche and mix softly, you can see parts in white and others in brown. The salty cheese combined with the sweetness of the dulce de leche is SUPER. That´s my favourite cheese cake.
    Hope I can have a Kitchen Aid and your Book !!!
    Congrats for your blog, I love it!!

  34. Love the colours on your cheesecake!!! If I had to choose my favorite kind of cheesecake is the original NY style cheesecake with fresh strawberries OR if I'm craving something fancier Wild blueberry and White chocolate cheesecake from the cheesecake factory so delicious!!


  35. I have fond childhood memories of the cheesecake my Mom made when I was growing up.....kind of spongey.....she still makes it on occasion. I know I may not have presented it in the best light..."spongey"...but it was great and it made me smile. I also have a wonderful recipe for a New York style cheesecake. We put mixed berries on top.....yummy and beautiful!

  36. My favourite cheesecake is vanilla bean! I have also been meaning to try an avocado cheesecake. It sounds so interesting!


  37. First of all your cheese cake looks amazingly delicious. As for my favorite cheese cake...my Aunt used to make the most amazing refrigerator cheese cake...it was so light it melted in your mouth. My favorite was when she put blueberries on top. I think I'm going to go make one now...

    --Kathy CakesOnTheLane@gmail.com

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  39. My favorite cheesecake is plain Jane no toppings! I love the flavor of a good cheesecake with graham cracker crust.

  40. Such a pretty mixer! Favorite cheesecake, that's like asking which child is my favorite! I think something with caramel. chocolate and crunch or maybe something with vanilla beans like your recipe. I love that it doesn't look like a traditional cheesecake and that everyone would be expecting cake, so it would be a great surprise...I love mixing it up and serving something a bit unexpected!

  41. I love anything chocolate.....esp. cheesecake! vonajo921@gmail.com

    I grew up eating German Cheesecake, so I guess I'm partial to that! (Who am I kidding?! I love just about any cheesecake!!) ♥


  43. That is the most beautiful thing I've seen in quite some time! <3

    Well, my favorite cheesecake must have chocolate, just because everything is better with chocolate! I've made a no-bake chocolate cheesecake once and it was a hit! My friends and family devoured it in no time. It's in my blog, if you'd like to take a look.

    Here's my e-mail: juliana@cupcakeando.com.br

  44. Tobelorone chocolate cheesecake is my favourite!

  45. Happy #3 to you!!

    Cute birthday cheesecake - thanks for the recipe!

    My favorite cheesecake is a toss=up between white chocolate raspberry and key lime -- hard to pick!!


  46. My fav cheese cake is a traditional lemon but with a thin layer of lemon jello on top...oh hold on maybe it's a Bailey's cheesecake....hmmmmmm...I feel a poem coming on!

    I love my little Cheese cake ,
    Full of Cream cheese and jello,
    It makes me do a double take
    And sing a song acapello!

    Oh how I’d love a Kitchen Aid,
    In beautiful pink from Sprinkle Bakes,
    And I really hope I make the grade,
    So I can make some wonderful cakes!

    The End :-)

  47. I love to bake but have always been afraid of trying a cheesecake. Your Birthday cheesecake may be the first one I try. It is just breathtaking. Mary mgood221@aol.com

  48. This time of year my favorite is pumpkin cheesecake. Well, pumpkin anything right now.

  49. This is the most beautiful cheesecake I have ever seen :o And I love all the breath taking photos you make of your creations.
    My favourite cheesecake is monchou cheesecake because that's the one me and my mother made several times so that's also the one with the best memories. I once had a strawberry cheesecake in London and that was to die for! Those British people sure know how to make cheesecake haha.


  50. I love strawberry cheesecake! Also chocolate cheesecake. I made raspberry cheesecake minis and they came out amazing! Your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing it. sirnoahdoyle@yahoo.com

  51. This time of year my favorite is pumpkin cheesecake.

  52. This time of year my favorite is pumpkin cheesecake.

  53. Happy birhtday! I love your posts and all of your creative ideas. My favorite cheesescake is one that my wife makes: Caramel Brownie Cheesecake! It has a graham cracker crust,covered with a thin layer of ganache, then a baked layer of plain cheesecake. Once it is cooled, a thin layer of caramel is spread, then add a brownie layer. It is topped with caramel then decorated with piped ganache! It is amazing! steve.tlck@gmail.com

    Favourite cheesecake has to be a blueberry style cheesecake made with gelatine, its light enough to have even after dinner (but then any time is cheesecake time...

  55. happy birthday, sprinklebakes! i loooove just plain cheesecake with strawberries on top! yum. but also cheesecake with cookie dough piece inside isn't so bad either...


  56. Favorite cheesecake everrr hands down is a thick new york style plain cheesecake with a homemade caramel sauce over top of it and toffee pieces with chocolate drizzle. Made it a few times in college yummmy!!!!

  57. Cheesecake is my absolute favorite dessert in the world!! I had never tasted it before until my honeymoon in Jamaica in 2001. Sheltered life, I know! My favorite type would have to be either turtle or chocolate swirl. My neighbors can't wait until Christmas each year because that's what I give as gifts to them - mini chocolate swirl cheesecakes. YUM
    Congrats on 3 years!!

  58. i very much enjoy a s'more cheesecake (chocolate base on graham crust with toasted marshmallow topping) from bon appetit years ago... happy birthday!! -rhonnamarie@net7.us

  59. i love baked ricotta cheesecake. You can add any of your favourite toppings (fruit, chocolate, caramel etc)


  60. Congrats on making the jump to full time blogger! That's so amazing!

    I think I have a few favorite cheesecakes. My aunt makes an amazing German Cheesecake every Christmas that I always get excited for, I love the peanut butter cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, and I made a friend an Oreo cheesecake I was really proud of!!

    Bakerhi.com :)

  61. When I was little the birthday cake my mom always made for my dad was called Tunnel of Fudge Cheesecake. It was plain cheesecake with a big, dark chocolate center. I love that cake!

  62. Caramel de leche! My husband's a huge cheesecake fan so we try to get creative.

  63. Key lime cheesecake, turned me from a cheesecake-hater (crazy, I know) into a total fanatic

  64. Love Cheesecake! I love making it, and love eating it, and mostly I love feeding it to others! Pumpkin Cheesecake (Cooks Illustrated Recipe) is a Thanksgiving tradition. I still adore James Beard's New York Style Cheesecake and it is my go-to for basic cheesecake. It has the loveliest texture and nice lemon tang. Wonderful with ganache over it. Althugh I'm not a big fan of chocolate cheesecake, I make a killer Tuxedo cheese cake. I adore the layers, the bits on pecan and mini chocolate chips and of course the layer of chocolate ganache. Heaven on a plate!
    Your birthday cheesecake is the cutest thing with all those pastel layers. Thanks for sharing it!

  65. For the love of cheesecake! I grew up loving my mom's refrigerator pineapple cheesecake (Juice, no pulp). Whenever we have a potluck at work, it is assumed that I will make my applesauce cheesecake, served with the warm caramel pecan sauce--- it is gone in minutes after it is cut,--and I am happy to be known for it. (but will i ever be allowed to bring anything else?) If I order cheesecake in a local restaurant, I like a lemon one served with homemade raspberry ice cream . Your site keeps me dreamin' and baking! BenavidezE@aol.com

  66. That looks amazing! I'm putting this into my "to try" folder!
    Hmmmm...my favorite cheesecake is one I made for Thanksgiving last year.
    Gingersnap cookie crust, pumpkin cheesecake topped with a gooey pecan praline mix and a bit of chocolate drizzle along the edges!
    Happy Birthday SprinkleBakes!! <3

  67. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I am actually a cheesecake purist. I just recently started making my own, and my favorite is a simple plain cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce!

    Fingers super duper crossed!

  68. I'm not a big cheesecake fan, but I do love cake. The best cake I ever made was a honey-thyme cake. It was one of the most complicated and involved cakes I've ever made, but very much worth it.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  69. My favorite would be a marscarpone cheese cake with an almond crust. I love the simpleness of it. It cheers me right up, I like a slice with some Mexican hot chocolate. MMMMM,nice on a rainy,dreary day!

  70. I love cheesecake. I have only had the one that I like the most once but it was fabulous it was a tiramisu cheesecake. Someone made it at a family gathering and Oh how tasty and mouthwatering it was to enjoy.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  71. My favorite cheescake is a cheescake me and my boyfriend made once in the beggining in our realsionship and we both loved it so after that we have made it many times :) It´s a choklate banana cheesecake that tastes like heaven!

  72. That cheesecake looks absolutely amazing!!! My favorite is a great slice of pumpkin cheesecake.

    bdmltm@gmail .com

  73. Favorite cheesecake? Hmmmm.... Currently, pumpkin swirl. Normally, chocolate, all the way! And a true New York cheesecake - plain, crumbly, served at a New York diner, any time of the day or night - is hard to beat!

  74. To be honest, I want to say the easiest cheesecake ever, with cookies and butter on the bot and philadelphia cheese. Simple but so good. I love the elaborate ones, but I remember a friend of mine and I making it when we were 15 years old and it was so so good. So, I may sound dumb, but that's the one I choose! Here in Barcelona we don't have your tradition on this type of cakes, but I sure love them!


    Thanks anyway!!

  75. If I had to pick, definitely Nutella!

  76. My favorite cheesecake is cheesecake! I have never had a cheesecake I didn't like. If I am forced to pick I'd say Boston Cream cheesecake.
    Why don't you have a PitIT button?

  77. I make a cheesecake recipe that I got online somewhere, it is called triple decker cheesecake. It has chocolate, toffee, and coffee layers! It is delicious, but I do like most cheesecakes!
    Liz R @ lroberts11@maine.rr.com

  78. Ha ha, you sound like me as far as laundry and lost earrings. Heather, Your cheesecake is stunning, and so...YOU! Happy 3rd birthday my sweet friend and cheers to MANY more! Can't wait to see what you have in store!
    My favorite cheesecake, so far, was the gingerbread cheesecake I made a couple of years ago, with the gingerbread cookie crust:)

  79. I love the traditional cheesecake of my region, which is made in the oven. There is no party in Galicia without that cake so i am a very lucky girl because i am a huge fan of it hehehehehe.
    My name is Olaia and i read your blog from Spain ;)
    My mail is olaia_costas@hotmail.com

  80. Happy birthday!
    Our favourite is MarsBar Cheesecake. Soooo decadent and yummy.

  81. I certainly love Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake! It's my sweet sin and a real treat ;-)

    PS: you're price is amazing and your blog wonderful! Happy third Birthday!



  82. My absolute favorite cheesecake is turtle cheesecake. So many different flavors in it..so yummy!! of course now that you posted this heavenly cheesecake i'm def going to attempt to make it. Trbermea@gmail.com

  83. My favorite is a recipe my Mom started making years ago. It is a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake with mini marzipan pumpkins!

  84. I loooove the cheese cake ! Since I'm in Quebec, my favorite is the maple syrup ;) At the graham crust base, add a little maple sugar and cheese filling, you put a cup of maple syrup with sweet cream. Delicious !

    ma_copine at hotmail dot com

  85. Happy 3rd!

    My favourite: baked vanilla cheesecake with a ginger biscuit crust and made decadent with a whipped caramel and mascarpone topping... Now I'm craving it, nomnomnom!

    My e-mail: pocababe@gmail.com... I hope I'm the lucky random number.

  86. Happy happy blog birthday! Pumpkin pie cheesecake is my absolute favorite!

    jessica (at) jessicawrightphotography.com

  87. What a great giveaway! I love cheesecake, but I prefere those no-baked (easier, and smooth). I've never tried to color the cheesecake, it's a great idea! laura.cid@gmail.com

  88. The only cheesecake I will eat is the one from the Honeymaid graham cracker box. Once I find something I like, it's hard to stray. I mean, what if I don't like it? I may get adventurous and try this no-bake recipe because there is nothing worse than waiting a day for a dessert.

  89. Happy Birthday!! Last Thanksgiving I made a cheesecake with a cranberry ribbon in it.....SO GOOD! My new favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Happy Day Day!

    How could anybody not love cheescake?! I just love every cheesecake!

    Mandy K. mandarine_rocks@yahoo.de

  91. My favorite cheesecake is a plain newyork stlye with strawberries on top! delish!! thanks for the chance.


  92. I've never been a big cheesecake person, but I've given them another chance as of late and have realized that they really aren't that bad (delicious, actually). And no matter what it is, cheesecake, pie, or cake, my favorite flavor is always coconut!

  93. Love your layered cheesecake. I just like a plain cheesecake with strawberrys on it :)) lrandor@yahoo.com

  94. Julie (pharmbelle85)September 29, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    Just wanted to say congratulations! It is so awesome that you are going to be able to blog full-time! This cheesecake looks so incredible!

  95. Oh I LOVE cheesecake....and I'm kinda famous for my cheesecakes....at least in my little corner of the world. My favorite flavor would have to be Amaretto.

  96. Im a traditional flavor cheesecake fan-Im boring I know! My fav brand is Pellmans! very dense and flavorful! the thicker the better;)

  97. I'm definitely gonna try this triple layer, I love the look.
    My favorite cheesecake is a triple chip cheesecake that I make. It has a layer of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch. I use melted chips and layer each flavor. When its done, I use melted chips in sandwich baggies with the corner sniped off to decorate the top. My family and friends love it!


  98. My favorite cheesecake would be a Pumkpin Dulce de Leche, especially delicious around this time of year. Yum yum! Although, I am quite the fan of Chocolate as well, I mean, any cheesecake is delicious!


  99. My favourite is unbaked strawberry cheesecake. The custard like texture of the baked version doesn't exactly float my boat. bint.abdulla@gmail.com

  100. I love cheesecake but haven't had it in forever! I love anything chocolate or carob! Strawberry is also a favorite! Mmmmm good<3 marlin.james22@gmail.com

  101. This is an easy one...my most requested cheesecake by far - white chocolate raspberry chessecake. It's a vanilla waffer crust, white chocolate cheesecake with fresh raspberries baked in the center, topped with more fresh raspberries and a drizzle of seedless raspberry sauce. It's to DIE for.

  102. My favorite cheesecake... probably vanilla, with strawberries!


  103. Yay for 3! caramel pecan cheesecake is our favorite :)


  104. My favourite cheesecake is a chocolate toblerone and mascarpone no bake cheesecake. It's so rich but so delicious.

  105. I love peppermint cheesecake, especially around Christmas time. Or anytime! With chocolate crust and peppermint extract in the filling and then topped with crushed peppermints. Oh my word. Happy Birthday Sprinkle Bakes!

  106. I adore cheesecake! I make it every year for my birthday. My favorite has an oreo crust and strawberries and chocolate syrup on top--delicious!

  107. Usually, I'm a simple girl when it comes to cheesecake (I love eating Tahoe Joe's cheesecake), but I have fallen head over heels for red velvet cheesecake. It was an amazing combination!


  108. This cheesecake is flipping gorgeous! And Happy Birthday to your blog!

    My favorite kind of cheesecake are these Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars I make. The combination of cinnamon + sugar and the layer of smooth cream cheese gets me every.time. Plus, my boyfriend has asked for it in lieu of a birthday cake every year since I've made it, so it must be good! :)

  109. Happy birthday! Very happy I found your blog :-)

    Not a big cheese cake eater but I do love coffee ice cream cake with cocoa nibs or sprinkles!


  110. New York style all the way! Though anything with chocolate is pretty hard to resist!!!

    amd5gg at virginia dot edu

  111. Original cheesecake, with strawberries, can't be beat! Thanks so much for this giveaway and congratulations on your birthday!


  112. My two favorite cheesecakes are pumpkin cheesecake from Cooks Illustrated and raspberry cheesecake from Bakers Square (a restaurant).

  113. Happy Birthday to my favourite blog out there! And what would go better with a birthday than Chai Cheesecake?
    Congrats on 3 fantastic years!


  114. Hola Hola..I
    Im a cheesecake lover us well, my favorite is this one i just made:
    Pinaut butter cheesecake!!!
    I want that kitchenaid!!!!:):)
    I dont live in the states but I have friends that live there and delivey can be make there:)
    I'm in Mexico!! Playa del Carmen and I love your blog!
    my email is foodandtravelbymer@gmail.com
    Un beso

  115. My favorite cheesecake is vanilla bean with fresh strawberries on top! The classic cannot be beat :-) Happy birthday too!!!

  116. I'm not a cheesecake fan, but I LOVE ice cream cake! spgoddess55(at)msn(dot)com

  117. I don't know if I could pick any certain flavour of cheesecake as my favourite! I like the original, the original with fruit, pumpkin pie cheesecake, mocha (!!) cheesecake...

  118. For a long time at Thanksgiving it was just us girls (my mom, sister, and I), so desert became a big, sweet experiment. The best cheesecakes to come out of those years were pumpkin spice and chocolate swirl. Yum! :)

  119. Happy birthday Sprinklebakes!!!
    I used to not be a fan of cheesecake, but it's grown on me! My favorite...hmm probably the classic NY style cheesecake :) But anything with chocolate comes in at a close second.

  120. Ok I don't care for cheese cake. Crazy I know. It doesn't stop me from trying to make them! Maybe one day I will find one I like. But I do love my moms recipe for Buttermilk pie!! That creamy sweetness with the delicate crust on top. It is so good.

    Happy Birthday Sprinkle Bakes. I love your colors and sprinkles and your photos are always amazing!


  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. What a gorgeous, happy cake! My favorite cheesecake is a Dark Chocolate Orange Cheesecake that we make for family birthday's. Happiest of Birthday's to you! Looking forward to seeing all the great things ahead of you! www.pinkpatisserie.blogspot.com

  123. I don't like cheesecake, but my favorite cake has to be carrot cake. The mix between sweet and salty is a really nice balance. Especially with cream cheese frosting...mmmmmmmm. sooo good.


  124. My Nana's cheesecake - hands down. It's a graham cracker crust with a cream cheese base and a baked sour cream topping. It's not baked very long - only 25 minutes, so it's incredibly creamy. It has made an appearance at every birthday, and really any event deemed a celebration. There has even been a rogue mission to retrieve this recipe back from a particular ex.



  125. Happy Birthday Sprinkle Bakes! Your birthday cheesecake is so beautiful! I am also a lover of cheesecake. I have never met a cheesecake I didn't like, so it's hard to pick a favorite...hmm...I am also a lover of chocolate - chocolate and cheesecake go together very well, so that would be one of my favorite combinations :-)

  126. LOVE how your cheesecake looks after it's cut! :) I really love plain new-york style cheesecake with some sort of fruit sauce...like cherries or blueberries. Yum!

  127. My favorite Is farmhouse homemade baked cheesecake. Light, fluffy and slighty warm. Mmmm delicious.

  128. Love the light pretty colors of your cheesecake! My favorite cheesecake is my no crust cinnamon cheesecake with caramelized apples on top.


  129. My favorite 'cake' is pumpkin cake with a cream cheese/butter cream frosting. :) I dont dislike cheesecake, its just too hard to pick a favorite.


  130. Beautiful cheesecake and beautiful mixer!


  131. I love just plain old, no toppings, no swirls, unadulterated New York style cheesecake. Yum. Shelby . Neuzil @ gmail . com

  132. I'm not a fan of cheesecake. I've actually gotten sick on cream cheese in the past so it just ick's me out now. That cake looks adorable though. I might have to make it for the family. =)

    I personally like butter pecan cake

    you can contact me @ birdmomma82@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday BTW

  133. Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake! The best.

  134. I also love cheesecake! My favorite is probably my meyer lemon cheesecake...followed very closely by key lime!

  135. Happy Birthday! Classic cheesecake with strawberries for the win!

  136. First Congratulations for follow your dreams and your heart.
    second i like lemon cheesecake with strawberries on top :)
    I love kitchen aid brand and pink color the giveaway is great
    name GIna Rivas
    email puco_gina_r15@hotmail.com

  137. My favorite cheesecake is a no bake cheesecake, made by Whitney, the first winner of Masterchef. It is so creamy and yummy deliciousness! Photomommytimes5@gmail.com

  138. I love a good peppermint cheesecake, especially at Christmastime!

  139. Cheese Lover, too!!
    My favorite one, made with 'Idiazabal' cheese (Basque Country-Spain, native cheese)!!
    Excited to win the super pink KA!!:)
    cheers from Barcelona!

  140. Adorable-love the colors! My favorite hands down has to be pumpkin cheesecake. Doesn't get any better than that! Happy Blogiversary!

  141. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite cheesecake has to be a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust. My middle son loves cheesecake so much that each year he requests cheesecake for his birthday instead of "normal" cake. I tried in vain to make a good cheesecake for him each year, but never had success until I found the pumpkin recipe on a website. I am crazy for all things pumpkin so I gave it a try, and knocked it out of the park. Up till then my poor son had resorted to buying cheesecakes at the bakery....I felt so guilty but he would just say "It's ok mom, I like everything else you make!" Now he requests the pumpkin cheesecake, and I've gained the confidence to try other flavor variations. No more cheesecake that looks like pudding! :)

  142. Oh! I forgot to add my email address...cathyadkins82@gmail.com

  143. I love cheesecake!!! My 2 favorites are good ole New York style and red velvet!!! joyboutwell@gmail.com

  144. my favorite cheesecake is TURTLE!! And I make it every year for youyr anniversary (which is today)

  145. Red velvet cake layered cheesecake is he ultimate treat. So decadent and delicious!

  146. Happy birthday!
    My favourite cheesecake is not baked and contains yoghurt: t's very fresh. I love eating it with fresh berries.

  147. Happy blogday! I like peanut butter cheesecake with oreo crust! Omnomnom.

  148. Happy Birthday :D I'm fairly new to cake decorating but have alway loved baking. I have been practicing a lot lately making and using fondant. I LOVE cheese cake of all kinds. I made my first ever one the other week. Oreo!! It was amazing and a good try for my first one :)
    Great Blog!!


  149. I love NY style cheesecake! Happy bday!!

  150. Happy Blogaversary!

    My favorite is probably plain, ole, unadulterated cheesecake!

    I'm a big fan of the Cheesecake Factory's Banana though!


  151. My favourite cheesecake is dark chocolate and chilli - so full of flavour and goes well with a big glass of red wine!


  152. Vanilla bean cheesecake is my total fave!!

  153. Happy birthday! My favorite cheesecke is with yoghurt, another one is with coconuts and lime, and finally one with strowberry!
    This one looks amazing, congratulation!

  154. I love plain old vanilla cheesecake with a cherry pie topping! YUM! Adorable layered cheesecake btw!

  155. Pumpkin cheesecake is my favorite!

  156. Happy Blog Birthday! My fave cheesecake is lemon, with fresh berries as garnish :-)

  157. What an awesome cheesecake! My favorite has always been plain cheesecake, but with raspberries at the bottom and a layer of chocolate ganache on top. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  158. How beautiful is your pastel cake! My favorite is huckleberry cheesecake- yummy. I love everything about your Site and book.

  159. My absolute favorite is a no-bake cheesecake with mango coating. this sweet - sour combination is to die for!!!
    Anabel (Israel)

  160. Happy Birthday! I'm actually not a big cheesecake fan, but every Thanksgiving, my mom makes a praline cheesecake and a pumpkin praline cheesecake which are amazing! I'm looking forward to making the matcha green tea cheesecake in your book sometime soon. =]

  161. I love hung yoghurt lemon cheesecake. I know it doesn't qualify as the authentic cheesecake, but that what I love the most. :-)
    Happy Birthday, Sprinkle Bakes. Got your book yesterday and I haven't been able to get my eyes off it.

  162. What an adorable looking cheesecake! Sprinkles makes everything better. I can't resist honeycomb cheesecake.

  163. What an adorable looking cheesecake! Sprinkles makes everything better. I can't resist honeycomb cheesecake.

    You can contact me on: dani_f_harris@hotmail.com

  164. Ohhh I think I wanna die, so beautiful cheesecake. I love classic NY style cheesecake, it's my favourite.
    Congrats for the 3


  165. Kat said:
    Brownie sundae cheesecake is my favorite - two desserts in one :)


  166. Happy Birthday! I am one of those crazy cheesecake-haters, unfortunately. I do love virtually any other cake, but I think the classic white with buttercream frosting would be my go-to cake!


  167. Blueberry cheesecake is my favorite!



  168. I recently baked a simple vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust, I absolutely adore vanilla and it came out perfectly. I love your idea of vanilla buttercream on top! Sounds wonderfully decadent. While I'm away at school it's hard to find the time to bake but your blog is inspiring and lovely.

  169. Extra rich and creamy "plain jane" topped with fresh strawberries and a cup of fresh coffee. My husband next to me, soft music in the background! Now that is the way to end a perfect dinner. Deborah@madearis.com

  170. This cake is so cute; I like the pastel color. I should probably try to make it for my daughter's 4th birthday.
    My favorite cheese cake is New York style, classic one. But for sure, as a chocolate lover, my little girl would love anything added chocolate!
    Happy 3rd birthday!

  171. That is the cutest cheesecake I have ever seen! Can't wait to try it! My favorite is strawberry cheesecake for sure =)

  172. Plain cheesecake for me, but I wont pass up a slice of any flavor cheesecake!


  173. My favourite cheesecake is probably the orignal cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. First got introduced to it when my dad brought it back from America and it is absolutely delicious ;-) Really love the other cheesecakes as well but original is still hard to beat!


  174. Love that this is a no bake!and its sooo cute we love sprinkles the recipes you share are great! My favorite cheesecake has to be keylime cheesecake I love citrus flavors and the creamy sweetness of the cream cheese with the tart bitterness of the key lime is a perfect combanation!


  175. My favorite is the Godiva cheesecake at cheesecake factory...it is absolutely to DIE for!!!

  176. pumpkin cheesecake is my favorite, and it of course it has to be baked.

    Other than that my favorite cake to make is Godiva's flourless chocolate cake. SO GOOD. With a side of raspberries, fresh whipped cream and a coffee? I'm in heaven.

  177. Amy M

    I love pumpkin cheesecake with a caramel drizzle and gingersnap crust. I was never a fan of pumpkin pie until I discovered this cheesecake recipe. This is my go to fall dessert!!


  178. the cheesecake looks amazing! I totally thought it was ice-cream from looking at the picture :D
    my favourite cheesecake would have to be white chocolate with a yummy wild berry topping :)


  179. I'm loving pumpkin spice cheesecake with fresh whipped cream for the fall. Such an adorable cake by the way. :)

    danielle.fritsch (at) gmail.com

  180. My favorite cheesecake is chocolate and peanut butter but then anything that has peanut butter is yummy to me.

  181. I love classic New York-style cheesecake, but it's also true that I think it's physically impossible to go wrong with key lime.

  182. This cheesecake is absolutely adorable! The color scheme is fantastic for a baby shower, my sister just had twins and I'm in charge of throwing it for her!as for my favorite type of cheesecake, it's definitely a toss up between classic NY Style and pumpkin cheesecake!! Autumn flavors are my favorite..there's just something about all the flavors involved!!


  183. My favorite cheesecake changes with my mood. Usually something light, like lemon cheesecake with sugar-soaked raspberries and shortbread crust, or something over the top, like caramel apple cheesecake. My fiance's favorite dessert of all time is bananas foster cheesecake, and he requests it for every holiday, birthday, and baking day. One time he ate an 8 pound cheesecake by himself in roughly 2 days. It was GROSS.

  184. Oh my goodness Heather, your whimsical cheesecake makes me want to put on a pink tutu and dance around the room!!
    Love love any cheesecake, the delicate texture just makes my mouth smile, my whole body for that matter! Thank you for this fab opportunity!

    Happy Day !!


  185. Congratulations Heather! What an incredible feeling hitting this milestone and having achieved so much. My favourite cheesecake has got to be an Indian-inspired Eggless Saffron and Lemon baked cheesecake. It reminds me of my childhood and my mum's cooking.

    Incredible news that you're going to be blogging full time. Congratulations!

    K.O Rasoi

  186. Hi Heather, congratulations & Happy Birthday. I think like all people: I love the NY Cheesecake ;) I hope you continue for many, many years on the internet.

    XOXO from Barcelone,Spain
    My blog: www.lasrecetasdemj.com

  187. My favourite cheesecake is one I make with a basic New York cheesecake base and just before it goes in the oven I plop some fresh raspberries on top. It's divine!!



  188. My favorite is pumpkin with praline. AMAZING! and If i win this mixer...I'll be baking it at my house! BOOYA!


  189. Many Congratulations and a very happy birthday!!I love German cheese cake or Käsekuchen. We lived in Switzerland for many years where I picked up the taste for European food. The desserts are usually less sugary, low fat and light. Käsekuchen is made using quark cheese and has a authentic yummy taste.

  190. Congrats! I had this key lime cheesecake years ago that I still dream about. My email is amykritzer at gmail dot com

  191. This is such an amazing picture!

    I've never had cheesecake (omg) but the chocolate ones look so so good!



  192. Happy Birthday Sprinkle Bakes! :) This cheesecake is beautiful, love the colours! My favourite cheesecake is strawberry, but I really like the idea of New York Cheesecake and have a recipe I'm dying to try!


  193. This cheesecake is now definitely MY favourite! its looks absolutely deliciously perfect and i will have to make it for my little girls birthday.
    Before this one became my number 1, a good New York cheesecake was my preferred choice! But living in England, it's hard to come by a perfect one!
    Many thanks for sharing this, I hope I can make it as beautifully as yours.
    And by the way, your book is great!

    Happy Birthday and keep making us happy by posting gorgeous photos and recipes.

    Loulou from England

  194. My favorite cheesecake is a mocha one I had at a bakery a few years ago. Never had one like it before or since!

  195. Chocolate - Cheesecake! always gonna be my favorite.
    frausonntag at yahoo dot com

  196. I like plain, unadulterated cheesecake. No toppings, no sauces, no nothin!

  197. I'm sorry to say I don't have a favorite cheesecake...like my children I love them all equally! It's like saying, what's your favorite chocolate? :) Oh wait, any cheesecake with chocolate!! Happy birthday and thank you for keeping me visually fat with all your amazing photos.

  198. My favorite cheesecake is an Italian lemon marscapone cheesecake that I recently made for a wine tasting dinner. Mmmm! My email is Liz.Woodworth@gmail.com.

  199. Oh I have so many favorite cheesecakes - how can I pick just one? I'm going to go with this chocolate peanut butter cheesecake that my mom made me as a birthday cake a few years ago. It was awesome! Happy blog birthday!

    maggiekathleengill at gmail dot com


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