I'm trying to be a better friend to berries.

All too often I withdraw a moldy berry basket from the fridge shelf.  Frowning, I ask myself  "didn't I buy these just 2 days ago?" And then I remember it was more like 7, and then I recall the berry tart recipe I was supposed to make but then abandoned because it no longer felt special to me.

Fresh produce will suffer at the hands of a fickle baker.

I'm trying to do better, so last week's flavor will make a repeat appearance this week. And since undertaking this effort I've learned that you should never, ever pass up the opportunity to stew raspberries on the stove top.  It's a kind of aromatherapy that cannot be bottled and sold.

Julia Child would have turned 100 years old on August 15th of this year! 

By now you may have already heard about the wonderful "JC100" community of bloggers that are raising their voices to honor this beloved culinary icon.  I was eager to join the cause but concerned about being a strictly-sweets blogger.  Would dessert be on the menu?  

Luckily, the answer was yes! Among the recipes provided by Knopf, assuredly, there would be at least one dessert in the mix!  And to my surprise and delight they offered more than one.  The first was for her rich chocolate mousse; a recipe I so love,  an adaptation was included in the SprinkleBakes book.   

I settled on "Chantilly Aux Framboises", a fresh-tasting raspberry dessert that is almost cloud-like despite its whopping count of 8 egg yolks.  Julia used it as a Charlotte filling but in the recipe text she says: "If you do not wish to serve it unmolded, turn the cream into a serving bowl or into dessert cups".  And so I did.

Peanut butter cup brownie cake, a.k.a. the richest thing I have ever made. 

There's no doubt in my mind, this cake will feed a crowd! Just a small slice will satisfy the biggest chocolate-peanut butter craving. Those of you who have made the homemade version of Reece's peanut butter eggs (popular at Easter-time) may find the recipe for the peanut butter layers very familiar.  

Oh yes, I did.

The brownie layers are very moist and dense, and just a small amount of lightly sweet chocolate frosting holds it all together.

Some days are quiet...

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