Quite honestly, if I had it to do all over again I'd want a tiers of donuts instead of cake at my wedding reception. I love the lighthearted approach and who doesn't swoon at the sight of a delicious donut - especially those made from scratch!

Today I'm sharing my favorite recipe for yeast raised donuts on the Etsy Weddings Blog!

Click over to for step-by-step instructions and tips on how to stack them in pretty tiers.

I'll be the first to admit that I love fancy desserts.  I love stripey chocolate cigarettes, spoon-shaped tuiles and painted macarons.  I love finishing touches that make dessert extra special.

One fun flourish that I've always wanted to make is dessert caviar, but as a home baker I've never had the overwhelming urge to delve into the world of molecular gastronomy (which is the usual way it is made). The whole process seems a little intimidating to me, and I can't see myself keeping sodium alginate or calcium chloride stocked in my pantry just in case I get a craving.

I hoped for an accessible spherification recipe for the ordinary baker (like me) that used common pantry staples, and after a rigorous online search I found one! The recipe was simple but after making it I felt there were some visual cues that could help further explain the process, so I made a short video.  I hope it will help and encourage you to try the technique for yourself!

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Making this was so much fun and not difficult at all! And it's not all for looks, it's tasty too! My first thought was to make unsweetened coffee caviar to go with a sweet cappuccino pudding. I really loved the balance the caviar brought to the entire dessert.

I had a birthday last Sunday!

I slept late.
Snuggled some pugs.
Sketched something to paint.
Sketched something to bake.
I sat in front of the oven window while the timer counted down.
I ate confetti cupcakes and sprinkle macs.

I did all of my favorite things!

Well, almost.
I didn't get to celebrate with YOU. So, to celebrate my birthday and the new e-book version of SprinkleBakes (!!!), I'm giving away a Nook Color!

Heck!  It's summer and I've been doing stuff.

Like 1.) making these delicious Mojito Cheesecake Pops that require no baking.  And 2.) trying to speak coherently in front of an audience.

My friend Morgan once wrote a great blog post about that old quote "Do something that scares you every day".  In other words, don't play it safe. Put yourself out there! 

Much easier said than done.

I can honestly say the past couple of weeks  have been filled with this sort of "scary" thing for me. The thought of being in the public eye pretty much ties my stomach in knots, but the desire to share my book has proved to be greater than my fear.

I was a little MIA on the blog last week.  Much has transpired!

I made a wedding cake! A brush embroidery wedding cake. It was the first time I'd picked up a paintbrush in a very long while. I decided to forgo any kind of template (maybe I'm getting cocky in my old age?) and see if the nearly dormant instinct for brush strokes could be rekindled. It didn't take long for me to get back in the routine.

Making this cake reminded me of all the things I love and hate about painting.

Love: hours spent alone, the rest of the world disappears.
Hate: hours spent alone.
Love: creating something beautiful for someone you love.
Hate: that crick in your lower back that comes with spending hours hunched over your work.
Love: the lasting memory you're creating.
Hate: stained hands, strained eyes.

In the end it made me miss creating art on canvas. Maybe I'll have to dust off the ol' easel after all.

I made a groom's cake too!

The groom proposed underwater, so this cake is a nod to that occasion. I really enjoyed sculpting the scuba divers, even if they are a little Chagall-esque.

I'm so excited to be guest posting today on the beautiful Australian food blog Delicieux!  Come check out my Lemon Cream Roulade and an interview by Jennifer, the blog author and host.
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