I think we've all met a few people who deserve a lump of coal from Santa, and I'm not talking about the cute candy version I'm sharing with you today!

Coal candy is perfect for those on your naughty and nice list.  It looks much like a lump of coal, but is sweet and sugary with an unexpected crumbly texture. I found it on one of my favorite sites - Fragrante Delicia - which you should certainly check out!

Today I'm sharing my favorite chocolate sugar cookie recipe that is ideal for decorating.  It contains no chemical leavening so it bakes up evenly for a perfectly smooth decorating surface. I use this recipe for decorating Christmas cookies, but they're also good sandwiched with a little buttercream.

Today I'm sharing a colorful cookie recipe on one of my favorite blogs! Many of you may already know Meaghan Mountford as an inspired cookie decorator and promoter of creative edibles.  If you've never visited her blog, you are missing out!  Her work always makes me smile, and I cannot wait for her soon-to-be-released book, Sugarlicious!  I'm so honored to be her guest today.

Click over to read about my Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich Cookies at The Decorated Cookie.

I am in total denial that it is mid November, and that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away.  Where has the time gone?  And how exactly am I supposed to share all my favorite Thanksgiving day desserts with so little time remaining?  The only solution I could come up with was to cram this blog post full of my favorites.  So that's what I did.

Today I'm sharing four recipes. Pumpkin pie and buttermilk pie are classic desserts that are expected on our dessert buffet every year; pumpkin tiramisu and apple-buttermilk pie offer a fresh perspective on these classic flavors.

I love being outside when there's a slight chill in the air, so this weekend I decided to take my food photography outdoors.  I don't know if it was the fresh air or the pretty foliage, but I was feeling especially creative and decided to throw together an impromptu video.  I count on these simple, spur-of-the-moment creative impulses.  I've learned something about myself through this blog.  I often get these big ideas, and every time I try to execute some elaborate plan, something will go haywire and I'm left feeling creatively frustrated.  I'm slowly learning the beauty of simple, so here's a simple little video that is my celebration of fall, apple-buttermilk pie, and my best bud.

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Maybe this blog should be renamed "Sprinkle Bakes Chocolate Cakes".  I've had a serious romance with the confection all year.  First there was a very special chocolate cupcake recipe for pyromaniacs, soon after came Chocolate Whiskey Cake, then Chocolate Gâteau on the Half Shell, Nigella's Chocolate-Honey Cake, the proportionally epic PBC4 (as I've come to call it), and last week's post was dedicated to the marriage of chocolate cake and red wine. 

I may need an intervention, but like most addicts I don't want one.

I've tasted many, but this chocolate cake may be my favorite, ever!  It is indulgently rich with a generous amount of chocolate icing, and in contrast the cake has a light, moist crumb.  It is pretty in an unconventional way, which is my favorite kind of pretty. The ingredients are easy enough to put together, but you will need a standing mixer of some sort.  Otherwise your hand mixer may bog-down or your arm tire midway through whipping the icing.  Oh, the icing!

Squirrel perfectly conveys my feelings for chocolate cake.
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