It seems the whole world is obsessed with the impending royal nuptials scheduled for this Friday. Although I will not be watching, I am still interested in the cake! What does royalty serve on such an occasion?  While the royal wedding cake recipe is yet under lock and key, the groom's cake has been revealed.

I certainly wouldn't have expected this cake.  Sure, the groom's cake is usually much less fancy than the wedding cake... but this?  This refrigerator cake is simple and easy enough for common-folk like myself to whip up in no time flat.  I'm not even sure why it's called a "cake".  It's fairly dense, intensely chocolaty, and reminds me more of a candy bar.

Today I'm serving breakfast for dessert... or is it dessert for breakfast?  My play on boiled eggs and soldiers is a sweet combo of boiled vanilla custard and mango puree poured into sterilized egg shells.  Like the original savory toast version, the shortbread soldiers are used for dipping into the faux yolk. 

Morning coffee has been made extra sweet in the form of a lollipop. It can be enjoyed as is or you can use it in a brewed cup to stir in strength and sweetness. 

Come on t'my house.  I'm gonna give you caaaandy.  For breakfast.

This was my first time making Battenburg cake, and it certainly will not be my last.  I'm smitten!  I love the bright almond flavor the cake imparts, and I can't help but smile at the colorful two-by-two checked pattern.  Traditionally the cuboid cakes are pink and yellow, but I've always thought pink and green conveyed the feeling of spring more perfectly.

It seems I'm always the last to know about celebratory food days.  I'm pretty sure I've missed every national cookie day (Dec. 4th), national peanut butter day (Jan 24th) and every other food "day" in the history of this blog.  Who comes up with this stuff anyway?

Lo and behold, April is grilled cheese month. An entire month!  I'll be darned if I miss out on celebrating grilled cheeses - especially the sweet variety with chocolate ganache dipping sauce.

This month-long cheese party aligns perfectly with April's Panera Bread post.  You've got to have good bread for grilled cheese nirvana, and their Country Miche is perfect for grilling.

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