Oh, how I love this recipe.  It's one of the easiest I've ever made and it couldn't be more delicious.  I've been making the plain cream cheese version of this recipe for years and I've just recently concocted a pumpkin spice version.  It's a perfect little parcel of fall flavors and super easy to whip up when entertaining, especially as an easy breakfast for overnight guests. 

Before I get to the recipe, I'd like to tell you about this book!  Months ago I entered the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook contest, where any submitting food blogger with a popular voted recipe could win a chance to be published.  The winners were chosen and then announced at the International Food Blogger Conference this year, and although I wasn't in attendance to hear the good news, I was notified soon after that I would be included!

This big, beautiful cookbook is chock-full of inspiration and delicious food from all over the world.

For Halloween this year I've decided to do a post about something that I find truly scary.  Spiders!  

Though I admire their handiwork, accidentally walking into a spider's web is a traumatic experience. (This happened recently, and I have yet to fully recover!)  As fall creeps in, it is more and more evident that these little guys are super busy.  I'm finding webs on my porch railing, on the hedgerow and worst of all, across the walkway to my house.  Going to the mailbox now requires a thorough inspection and at times, a broom.

All that spinning inspired me to do some of my own.  In this recipe, I've spun sugar across overturned bowls to create a candy spider's nest.  Below the sticky landscape I placed delicious "spider eggs" (cream puffs) that are filled with berry pastry cream and rolled in powdered sugar. 

I'll be the first to admit that I've been to Starbucks a little too often since the Pumpkin Spice Latte has been back on the market. There's something so lovely about spiced coffee... it makes you feel cozy and assures you that fall has truly arrived.  I've been so impressed with the many food bloggers who have tried their hand at a copycat recipe, and there are a few I can't wait to try. (Like this one!)

Needless to say, this dessert was inspired by that same cozy drink, and it was an instant favorite at my house.  I'll be bringing one (or two?) home for the Thanksgiving table this year.

Churro congratulates you #9 Megan Pires!!!

I will contact you today for delivery information.  Bakery item winners will also be contacted today via email!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to those who shared special birthday memories!  I love every single one and I'd like to share a few of my favorites:

jilleh said...
My best Birthday cake was when I was seven..my mum spent hours making a doll cake, you remember those with a doll figure inside and the dress was the cake? I ran into my room and cried I was so happy. What I wouldn't do to go back to those times!

squirrelbread said... 
 ...it might sound silly, but my favorite cake was always a simple chocolate bundt i'd request from my dad. he would let me help make it from scratch. sometimes we'd top it with thick, rich chocolate frosting, sometimes we'd dust it with powdered sugar, and sometimes we'd leave it plain. i think it was more baking it with him that was special to me.

MerBella said...    
My favorite memory of my birthday and the cake I enjoyed was on my 10th year on this planet. I spent it with my beloved 94 year old grandmother on her patio on a warm, summery day. She had a delicate lemon custard tart special ordered from the local French bakery. It was so special and the sweetest memory to date!!
I have no less than 50 other favorites, so I'll stop with these 3.  I've learned that oftentimes it's less about how the birthday cake looked or even tasted, it's more about the sweet memory of that place in time in our lives.  Thanks to everyone who made the Sprinkle Bakes birthday so special!

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