Before I get to these extra yummy little cakes, I'd like to share a bit of good news! 

If you have read the about me page provided on this blog, then you probably know that art (not baking) was my first love, and I was once an aspiring painter.  Since then, my artistic endeavors have taken a natural shift from canvas to the dessert plate.  Baking has gradually and unexpectedly become my preferred method of creative expression.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a literary agent (or angel, I should say) asking if I'd like to put together a proposal for a baking book...and not just any baking book.  This book would combine my love of art and it's application in baking!  Needless to say I was fully on board with eager smiles at the prospect.  Now the book is becoming a reality!

I can barely suppress a squeal at this very moment.

In the coming months blog updates may be sporadic, but I'll do my best to post recipes whenever I can.  Hopefully, when on the other side of this project, I'll be able to offer you a wonderful creativity book that will inspire your baking!  I already have so many ideas, and if you like this, this or this, chances are you will love the book.

And now that I've regained my composure, the recipe.

I guess you could say this is a recipe revisited.  This past January I discovered and made "Tiramisushi", the brain-child of Elizabeth Faulkner, pastry chef and author of the unconventional cookbook Demolition Desserts.  At the time, everything on my "to bake" list became questionable next to Tiramisushi, which was penned at the top and underlined three times.  I was in love with the concept of this dessert.

Since then I've been pondering the elegant and bite-sized composition.  I couldn't help but feel that a Matcha green tea version would be beautiful and apropos.  Granted, it loses the smart Asian/Italian fusion and equally cool name-play, but it did turn out rather pretty, and with a white chocolate buttercream center, delicious nonetheless.

 Biscuit congratulates you #189 Rainy Daisy!
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Thanks to everyone who entered!  More giveaways to come so  stay tuned... 

I baked it pretty!

I have a sincere love for Parisian foods; artisan breads, cheeses...  and as I have mentioned before j'adore la pâtisserie!  For a few months now, I've been reading pâtisserie books and practicing French baking techniques when time allows.  Some of the recipes are complex, and others are elegant and delicious in their simplicity.  Although not technically a pastry, Financiers are a perfect example of the latter.  They are nutty little sponge cakes that are sometimes served with whipped cream.  I'm not one to turn down an opportunity to enjoy whipped cream, and with berries being so lovely this time of year,  I decided to whip up a pretty raspberry version.

I'm squeezing this July 4th post in at the last minute!  I wasn't planning another holiday entry this week but I ran across this article and interview with "Bake it Pretty" creator and shop owner Amanda Krueger.  I love the simplicity of this idea, not to mention the novelty and fizzy sensation you get while enjoying one of these.  What's the magic ingredient?  Pop-Rocks of course!

Have you heard of this idea yet?  The Voltaggio brothers (of Top Chef fame and Volt restaurant) have been treating diners to chocolate fizzy lollipops as an end-of-the-meal surprise. Even Godiva had a short-lived line of "Pop" chocolates.  Sure, it's probably a fad and some would say gimmicky, but I think it's a lot of FUN, and kids will love it!  (Big kids like me too!)

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