King-Sized Sorghum Cookies

When I saw these being unpacked at the Cookie Exchange, they looked like saucers. If you can imagine a teacup being placed in the middle of one of these, you'll get an idea of the proportion. The size intrigued everyone, and that's not the best part about them. It's the chewy middle (courtesy of the Sorghum) that makes you doubly glad of their size.

A friend recently asked me what the difference is between Sorghum and Molasses. I had to shamefully admit that I did not know the answer. Shameful, because I'm a Southerner, and shameful because I claim to be a baker. Shouldn't all Southern bakers have a preternatural knowledge of these things from birth? I think so.

Thanks to a visit to the Muddy Pond Mennonite Community's website I found the answer. They make Sorghum syrup right here in Tennessee, and the recipe I'm featuring is from one of their cookbooks.

King-Sized Sorghum Cookies

This recipe is from the Muddy Pond Mennonite Community.

See King-Sized Sorghum Cookies on Key Ingredient.

Sorghum versus Molasses:

Just like sugar cane, there exists a sorghum cane. Sorghum syrup (often called sorghum molasses) is made from the juice extracted from sorghum cane. It is boiled until the final product is thick and syrupy. It is mild tasting and light in color. Molasses is the by-product of sugar cane after it has been boiled down to make sugar. It is usually very dark (hence the name black-strap molasses) and very strong tasting.

For this recipe, you'll want to use sorghum molasses or light molasses. You'll also want to bake no more than 3 on a baking sheet at a time. These spread quite a bit during the baking process.

A special thanks to Mama, for a great recipe.

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