Yule Log Cookies

About a week ago I received a Woman’s Day magazine in the mail. I’m not a subscriber, and was puzzled at first. Then I remembered my beloved Gourmet magazine is ending and this, perhaps, is supposed to be my consolation. (?)

I don’t know yet, so maybe not.

I thumbed through and was delighted to see these Nutmeg Yule Log Cookies that meet all my holiday baking criteria:

  • festive -check!
  • unique -check!
  • easy (seemingly) – check!
  • seasonal flavor – check!

Woman’s Day, you had me at Nutmeg.

Recipe is HERE, as well as Woman’s Day.com.

First you’ll divide the dough into 8 equal portions, and shape into a fat log. These go in the fridge to chill for an hour.

After these chill out, you’ll take each portion of dough and roll out into a “snake” about 18″ long. I could only get my dough to roll out to 15″. Any smaller and the dough just broke apart.

You’ll then cut at 3″ increments, strait across. Then, you’ll bias cut the three inch segments at both ends. Be sure to save the pieces, these will be the “knots” on your logs.

Brush with egg-wash and then place the leftover dough pieces (2 per) on each log.

I made a round indention at the end of each log, as well as each knot. I’m not sure why Woman’s Day left this out of the directions. Clearly, there are indentions in the example pictures, but no mention of it in text.

I’d suggest icing them with white chocolate or vanilla frosting. I opted for the sprinkling of powdered sugar, and they were not sweet enough for my taste. I piped a little royal icing for the holly leaves and used jumbo nonpareils for the berries, which helped a little with the sweetness issue.

These are a bit time consuming, so be prepared to spend a couple hours sitting – would it be too corny to say “like a knot on a log”?

Yeah, I thought so.

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14 years ago

I have this magazine also and added this cookie to my baking list for this Christmas! They are so cute and festive:) Love yours!

13 years ago

I've been making a version of these for years. I use eggnog rum frosting.

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13 years ago

C'est génial! Semble très savoureux. Je pense que oui et il est vraiment. Merci pour votre blog.

11 years ago

Arika can you share your eggnog rum frosting recipe? sounds delicious. I will definitely be making these cookies. Ingenious!.