Oh oven, why hast thou forsaken me?

Last Friday I was finishing up a custom order for two dozen cookies when something peculiar happened. As I pulled the last batch out of the oven, I heard a distinct "bzzzzz....POP!" I looked around, because it certainly could not have been the oven. We had just purchased it one year and four months ago. Four months outside the warranty I might add.

The lack of blog updates has been solely due to my lack of an oven. Luckily Frigidaire has agreed to mail us the part and soon I'll be baking again. The model we have has a small lower oven and I have just discovered that it still works as normal. This is great news because the very talented Morgan Trinker will be photographing my goodies this coming Monday. I'll admit, I was beginning to sweat a little.

So, until the full repair, you may hear from me a little less, and find me hither and yon. I'll be baking in Mother's kitchen or sitting on my snail bench roasting marshmallows over the chiminea flame.

Makes me wonder if we should have gone with Whirlpool? Oven suggestions, anyone?
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